How to make real estate direct mail more effective

3 Ways to Make Mail Campaigns More Effective

Mail campaigns or Email newsletters are a highly effective marketing tool for Realtors®. They are impressively engaging and a fairly inexpensive way of communicating directly with many potential customers. Realtors® can use these newsletters to establish contact on a personal level with their audience. Mailing campaigns can be used to softly push the agenda of the Realtor® without appearing aggressive. Most people look for someone they know or rely upon when they need to buy or sell a property. Realtors® can use these mailing campaigns to establish themselves as experts in their chosen niche and as a friend and mentor of their readers. Here are 3 ways in which mailing campaigns can be made more effective for Realtors®.


Encourage engagement from your readers

It is easy to build a long list of subscribers to your email newsletters. However, you will get the desired response from your readers only when your emails are found interesting by them. You can engage with your readers only when you choose the topics of your emails that are of some interest to them and also provide useful information to them. Your emails should be written in a friendly tone in a casual manner so that your readers do not feel bored. These emails should encourage your readers to respond to the points you raise whether they are in the form of comments, questions, or opinions. Reply to the comments of your readers to show that you are responsive and care for the needs and feelings of your readers.

  • Keep your subjects interesting. Your topics should be interesting, and they should promise useful and valuable content for your readers.
  • You should come out as a real person who cares for the readers
  • Your emails should contain content that is what your audiences are interested in.

You can consider your mailing campaign successful if you get traffic to your business website form these subscribers. You need to look at your subject line if many of your readers delete your newsletters without even opening them.


Add a personal touch to your emails

Most of the subscribers do not like the idea of faceless marketing. They feel good when they see that your emails are directed to them on a personal level. Make it personal wherever and whenever possible. It is not surprising to note that most of your readers are searching for these personal elements in your newsletters to see how they apply in their case.  For example, you can start your emails with Hi (the name of the recipient). There are shortcodes available that allow you to insert the first name of the recipient inside your newsletters to give a very personal feeling to your recipients.

If your email contains useful information that your recipients can make use of to benefit monetarily, including the name of the recipient at appropriate laces has a very good impact on your readers. Also, choose the topics and the content to make it interesting at a personal level for your readers.

Most people choose a Realtor® recommended by their friends or relatives when buying or selling a property. However, you can increase the chances of your selection if you can use your emails to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. If you are able to project yourself as an honest and reliable Realtor®, you can be sure of getting business from some of your subscribers. If you have a huge fan following, you will find that your subscribers refer you to their friends and relatives who are searching for a reliable Realtor®.


Include outward links and CTA buttons

Many entrepreneurs complain that they write beautiful emails containing useful information for their readers, yet they do not get the desired response from them. The lack of response maybe because of the absence of CTA buttons in their emails. Including a call to action button at the end of your newsletter is a ploy to encourage them to spring into action. Do not place too many CTA buttons after every paragraph as readers do not appreciate aggressive sales pitch.

Another important point that many marketers forget about is the inclusion of links in their emails. Yes, it is your aim to send traffic to your own website but giving your readers exposure to views and opinions of other experts is not a bad idea even if it means sending traffic to their websites. In fact, your readers would appreciate your desire to give valuable information from other sources to them. The more links you share in your mails, the more traffic you get on your website. It may surprise you, but this traffic comes on your website form others who place your link on their email newsletters.


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