5 Branding Myths and Mistakes You Must Know About as a Realtor®

Scores of financially savvy and dedicated young professionals become Realtors® each year with high hopes of success. However, they give up midway when they are not able to find clients as they sometimes fall prey to numerous branding myths and mistakes that usually circulate in the industry. One reason why such a large percentage of aspiring Realtors® fail miserably is because of branding myths that are doing rounds in the industry. If you know these myths and the mistakes you need to avoid, you can increase the chances of your success as a Realtor®.


1. Branding can be done later as the business grows

Branding is an exercise that requires money, time, and effort. Most Realtors®, when they are just beginning out, are short on capital and they see spending money on branding as a waste. This is a big mistake on their part as, by the time they have developed a client base, it becomes difficult to shed an image that has already been formed in the minds of all the contacts. Do not wait for a time when you will have money to spend on branding. The money you spend on branding is an investment in your business and it will repay itself by carving a unique identity for your business. You will find that the money you have already spent on business cards, stationery, etc will go to waste as your digital marketing company chalks out a new spending plan for your branding. Also, starting on branding later will cost you dearly in terms of opportunity lost as your competitors will move ahead of you.


2. The logo made by a friend will do fine

Your logo is a vital cog of your branding exercise. Many Realtors® take their logo lightly and pay the price dearly later when they get it designed with the help of a friend. Yes, they save on a small amount of money as they just have to give a wine party to this friend, but their branding suffers biog time because of a logo that is not appealing and professional in the eyes of their customers. Your logo is a very important tool for the marketing of your business. It helps in your branding and creating a corporate identity. So not commit the mistake of handing over the responsibility of making a logo for your business to your friend who you believe is good at photoshop. The logo might look good on your computer screen but looks awful when printed on paper. This is because photoshop is not meant for mass printing of a design created through it. If there is no cohesion between your digital logo and the one printed on paper, your branding exercise fails miserably. To get a beautiful logo that looks beautiful and professional on paper and screen, it is prudent to hire the services of a professional graphics designer. Your logo should be able to reflect your mission, values, and the uniqueness you bring to the table for your clients.


3. Social media will do no good for my business

This is a branding myth that results in huge losses for a Realtor® in terms of exposure and the branding that can be done for free. Many Realtors® tend to avoid social media as they feel it takes up a lot of their time and effort. But they are totally wrong as it helps in building an audience that can convert into actual client later. Also, social media is a very good platform to develop a strong network, especially LinkedIn. You can get large traffic to your website and blogs by posting their links on your social media accounts. Social media also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. When your friends and followers see you as an expert, they are more likely to decide in favour of doing business with you. Presence and interaction on social media help in creating a genuine human connection that is important for your success as a Realtor®.


4. Local press is a waste of time

Do not underestimate the potential of the local press, open houses, and electronic media in spreading the word about you in the realty industry. Give interviews and press releases for local newspapers and realty magazines if you have connections in local media. You can use this platform to tell others about your area of expertise what value you bring to your clients.


5. The website is enough to take care of your online presence

The Internet is much more powerful than to simply have a website for your business. If you are not leveraging its full potential, you are missing the bus. Digital marketing can allow you to build your brand and reach out to large numbers of the target group of customers. Use everything from videos and social media to build your brand over the internet.




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