Reasons Why Every Business Should Send Greeting Cards to their Customers

5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Send Greeting Cards to their Clients

Real estate agents operate in a highly competitive environment. They are continually looking at ways to capture the attention of their prospective clients; working hard to remain in the memories of their customers through online advertising, SEO, and various print marketing materials. One invaluable marketing tool that is more relevant than ever in these increasingly disconnected times is a greeting card. With a greeting card, a Realtor® has the opportunity to connect with clients in a genuine and thoughtful manner, while capturing a valuable opportunity to promote one’s business. Here are some reasons why all Realtors® need to send greeting cards to their clients – both existing and potential.


  1. They help to send out reminders about your business:

The true purpose of sending a greeting card is to remind existing clients about your services. Though the stated purpose of these greeting cards is to simply wish a Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas, these greeting cards allow you to show your clients that you care, and are there to take care of their requirements whenever they may need your services. If you have not heard from a lead for a long time, sending warm wishes on important days in their lives is a golden opportunity to connect and promote your business in a thoughtful and memorable way.


  1. A personalized form of communication:

It’s difficult for clients to build trust with their Realtors® based solely upon online interactions. Though video calls and instant messaging have greatly simplified professional relationships, nothing can stand in for genuine human interaction. A great way to establish a lasting relationship with clients is through personalized cards. There’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten card on a meaningful day, and this immediately establishes in the client’s mind that they are important to you. By connecting on a more human level, Realtors® can forge a lasting bond with their clients, compelling them to think of you whenever they require the services of a Realtor®.


  1. They make clients feel special:

The goal of a Realtor® should always be to make every client feel like they are the most important person in the world at that moment. One way of making them think this is by sending them greeting cards on days that are significant to them. An example of this could be the client’s birthday, their child’s birthday, Christmas or really any significant occasion they may have brought up in passing at some point. By making a note of such special days and taking the initiative to personally mail out cards to clients, you automatically make them feel appreciated and are therefore more likely to use your services going forward.


  1. Clients feel they need to reciprocate your kindness:

Greeting cards are inexpensive, and they take very little time and energy from the Realtor®. However, they seem to the recipient a thoughtful gift. For example, when someone wishes you a Happy Birthday, you feel obliged to respond to that person’s warm wishes. Once these basic lines of communication are open, you have the opportunity to forge a stronger relationship with your client. A greeting card is essentially a small gift to the recipient, and the appreciation they feel for the simple yet meaningful gesture leads to their feeling indebted and thereby more likely to use your services in the future. This can directly lead to them choosing you as their Realtor® for their next transaction.


  1. All your competitors are using greeting cards:

If you think that greeting cards are a thing of the past, just talk to any established Realtor®. Every Realtor® who understands the importance of this marketing tool sends greeting cards to all of their existing and potential customers every year. Of course, it’s always important to make sure that your greeting cards are UNIQUE and PERSONALIZED. There are plenty of Realtors® out there sending out Christmas Cards en masse. You should be the Realtor® that’s sending out cards that mean more to their client. It’s easy to simply fire off hundreds of generic cards every time a holiday comes around. It may mean sending out less cards, but that’s OK! Clients value personal connection with their Realtor® above all else, and taking the time to wish them well in a more personal manner will certainly pay dividends to your professional relationship and, of course, your business.


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