5 Ways in which Infographics Help You Reach More Customers

5 Ways In Which Infographics Help You Reach More Customers

The advent of Digital Advertising has made it easier than ever for Realtors® to reach large numbers of their target audience quickly and with ease. However, Realtors® may find it challenging to stand out from their competitors in increasingly crowded markets due to the surface-level similarity of services being offered and the lack of truly creative marketing strategies. One way that real estate businesses can separate themselves from the herd is through the use of Infographics. This key tool in digital advertising combines simple imagery with potent statistics to form a one-two punch for drawing potential clients in. Taking into account modern attention spans, Infographics are an effective means of delivering information quickly and in an approachable manner. Read on for some reasons why every Realtor should be using Infographics as part of their marketing strategy.


  1. They’re more engaging than written content:

We’ve all sat in meetings where the presenter uses nothing but lengthy written materials to support their pitch. How much of this information actually reached you, as part of the audience? As a Realtor®, much of your job involves using numbers to support your claims and ease clients into decisions. If all of this vital information is buried in lengthy documents, it will never reach clients. Presenting the same information in visual form is much more approachable and allows the reader to absorb the necessary information faster.


  1. They have a more profound impact.

Human brains can process information in the form of a picture 60 000 times faster than when it is in pure text form. By presenting information in this manner, you increase your chances of your message reaching the client and inspiring them to take action, ie. looking into and using your services. By using eye-popping colours and bold fonts, you can further ensure that your Infographics stand out in crowded social media feeds and Google search results.


  1. They’re extremely shareable!

Infographics are essential to extending your real estate company’s reach on social media. People tend to scroll through their various feeds as quickly as they can, stopping only for posts that really catch their attention. Infographics prove invaluable as their combination of easily digestible information and eye-catching graphics cause social media users to stop and pay attention to what you have to say. If they like what they see and find the message strong enough, they’re likely to share it with their followers, giving you strong organic growth and eventually leading to increased revenue. By sharing striking infographics across your business’ social media channels, you’re ensuring that your information reaches a broader audience that will give your content the time of day.


  1. They lend more credibility.

Not just every Realtor® knows the art of using Infographics to present information to their clients. You can quickly establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche if you know how to come up with Infographics by using statistics that matter to your audience. When you have the skill to convert complex information into clear and visually striking Infographics, it shows you not only know what you’re doing but that you know how to communicate it effectively as well; a quality everyone respects when choosing a Realtor®. You can be the most knowledgeable person in the room, but if your social media marketing is overly convoluted or isn’t fun to look at, your real estate business will never gain the attention it deserves


  1. They directly increase your business:

You can grow traffic on your website organically by using Infographics to catch the attention of your visitors. For all the reasons mentioned above, visual content is much easier for casual visitors to your site to engage with. Your potential clients are probably all busy people faced with a tough decision to make when choosing a Realtor®. If you can distill your most important messages and figures into quick and easy to understand visuals, you automatically give yourself a leg up by giving them information that they can process even when in a hurry. Nearly all Realtors® agree that they see a jump in their business whenever they use Infographics on their business website. However, they often don’t know where to start with creating truly effectively Infographics that wow readers and generate increased pageviews and therefore business.


Infographic Design


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