6 Open House Tips for Real Estate Agents

6 Open House Tips for Real Estate Agents

If used correctly, open houses can be a useful marketing tool to not only sell the house but to generate further leads. We are going to go through a variety of different techniques to improve your open house strategies for 2019.


  1. Give Your Guests Floorplans, FAQ, and HOA Information:
    At an open house, you will not have the time to respond to all visitors’ questions. Frequently asked question sheets are a fantastic way to cover interesting facts about the building, HOA information, rental restrictions, what’s around the area (grocery stores, entertainment, coffee shops, etc.), and more. Potential buyers will walk away from the house with a load of information that will bring them one step closer to buying the house. We recommend these Information sheets are tailored to your Realtor® band as they will be a key marketing tool to generate further leads.
  2. Open House for Neighbours:
    Neighbours have a key interest in the sale of a property in their neighbourhood. Many of the neighbours may be moving soon or have friends or relatives that want to move into the same neighbourhood. Holding a neighbour only opening is a great way to boost your number of referrals and potential leads. The best way to do this is through door knocking. A much more personal approach will be more powerful than sending emails or letterbox dropping. Have your information brochures ready to hand out while door knocking! If they are not home, use your personalized door hangers.
  3. Utilize Social Media:
    Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can be a fantastic tool to promote your open house. A key tip would be to use Instagram stories to promote your open house and Facebook to run an open house live stream for online viewers. We recommend you run this live stream when the property is full of people, as people generally want what other people want. This also helps people attend the open house if they cannot physically get there.
  4. Virtually Stage the Home:
    Many buyers find it hard to visualize the home without furniture. A clever technique is to provide staged images to show the rooms with classy furniture and layout. This can be emailed or text to them or shown on an iPad at the open house. This will give them a better feel for the house and show it in the best possible condition. BoxBrownie.com offers virtual staging for great prices with a 48-hour turnaround.
  5. Hold a Raffle or Contests:
    A fantastic way to entice people to attend the open house. Use social media such as Facebook or Instagram to promote the Raffle or Contest to ensure it reaches a large population of potential buyers. More people attending your property increases it’s attractiveness to others, generating more leads and potential referrals.
  6. Hold a Raffle or Contests:
    Scheduling your open house correctly is critical to increase the number of people attending. Here is a rough guide:
    – Weekend Open Houses: 9-11am or 3-5pm. Most other openings will be between 1-3pm. Ensure yours does not clash with other openings by going before or after the others.
    – Weekdays: Thursdays 6-8 pm works especially well during the summer hours. It allows time to commute after work hours, while people are more likely to go out later in the work week.


The number of tips and techniques are endless and these are just to name a few. Remember, preparation is key! Ensure you market your open house well in advance to your opening. This will increase your number of visitors and ensure you are well prepared to respond to any questions they may have.


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