6 Strategies Real Estate Agents Should Do Right Now

6 Strategies Real Estate Agents Should Be Doing Right Now

Modern-day businesses have much to gain from directing their marketing and advertising strategies towards the internet and social media. It is surprising to see a large number of agents not fully realizing the potential of the internet and limiting their digital engagement to a website and Facebook page.

If you based your strategies on traditional real estate practices and marketing channels, you would end up losing a significant number of potential clients to your competitors. It is essential to embrace the tech-savvy digital tools at your disposal. Here are the top 6 strategies that every Realtor® should adopt to emerge as an industry leader.


Have an online review strategy in place

Nearly all buyers search for an agent online these days. They check out the reviews left behind by past clients. They also love to read what others are saying about an agent to know about the personality, attitude, and performance of different Realtors®. Therefore, it is necessary to have lots of positive reviews about you and your company on the internet. Prospective customers will feel good and have a positive image of you, which increases the likelihood of being chosen by them for their real estate transactions. Different people trust different sources, and so you should use all of them like Google, Facebook, Zillow, and even Yelp.


Strategy to be seen in local searches

The latest trend on Google is for people to search for Realtors® using a ‘key phrase near me’. Depending upon your area of operation, you can include this key phrase in the content on your website to make it easier for people to find you when searching for a Realtor®. You must have your Google Business page so that people get all relevant information about your services whenever they search online. Local SEO helps significantly in showing your URL among top results to people in your area.


Strategy to nurture your leads

People want to reassure themselves before deciding to hire the services of a Realtor®. They will not sign you up immediately after paying a visit to your website. You need to have a nurturing strategy to work on these prospective clients like email newsletters, digital marketing and follow up messages to increase the chances of their conversion. Give something of value to your leads to keep them interested, whether it is through email newsletters or eBooks.


Communication strategy to boost coordination with your team

You can make use of an app like Slack to keep track of communication done by all your team members with your prospects. Using this app allows you to have a look at all voice calls, text messages, and emails sent by your team and the responses of the lead. Slack is easy to set up, and it is free to use.


Get an engaging and functional website

The business website of a Realtor® always remains at the core of all their marketing strategies. Ensure your website is visually appealing, that focuses on your target audience. Prospective clients pay attention to the site of the Realtor® before hiring their services.


Strategy to stay in touch with industry & market trends

Make use of Google Assistant or Alexa to read out content to you based upon your preferences that you have set up. Of course, you will get little related to real estate invoice right now, but this is an excellent way to keep up with events taking place in the real estate field in your area of operation. It is something that you can do while carrying on with your work and so you don’t have to take time out to increase your knowledge.


The strategies mentioned will bring desired results for Realtors®. You can make changes and customize the strategy according to your requirements.


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