90 Day Plan to Succeed as a Realtor®

An overwhelmingly high majority of young professionals and even early retirees embrace the profession of Realtors® every year. They have high hopes of success and erecting a deeply rewarding career in this profession. Sadly, more than 90% of these Realtors® fail and only 10% are able to survive and succeed in this field. There are many reasons behind their failure and one of the most important is the absence of a clear cut strategy and a plan of success. Here is a 90-day plan to succeed as a Realtor®.


Week 1

You are on your own but also in charge of your business. Get a beautiful business card, the website of your broker, and other marketing material you need to inform others about your presence.


Week 2

Make a list of everyone you know including your family, friends, and all professionals you have come across. All these people make up your database and you make a beginning by treating them as your prospective clients.


Week 3

Gather your tools like a laptop, smartphone, car, digital camera, and a few dresses that give you a professional look. Call your prospects and tell them that you are in the real estate business.


Week 4

Try to secure leads through letters and cold calling. Meet these leads in person and inform them that you are a representative of your broker.


Week 5

Identify your market and set up your office there. People like to do business with people who they know and see frequently.


Week 6

No one is a born Realtor®. Even the most successful Realtors® have learned from others’ mistakes and experiences. Attend sales classes to learn how to deal with your prospects.


Week 7

Become associated with local events and social causes. Your goal is to show your humane face to your prospects.


Week 8

Go back to your leads you got in the first and second weeks. Develop contacts with banks, mortgage brokers, lawyers, and insurance agents.


Week 9

Attend open houses of other agents to meet people, especially potential buyers.


Week 10

Make efforts to promote your business through advertising. Your budget dictates the channels of marketing you can use to spread the word about your business.


Week 11

Give time to cold calling. Sooner or later you will get results in the form of leads.


Week 12

Have some patience and be ready for rejection. Do not take rejection on a personal level. Start each day with renewed hope.


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