Are Billboard Signs worth the money for a Realtor_

Are billboard signs worth the money for a Realtor®?

Modern-day buyers begin their search for the ideal property through digital listing platforms. Therefore, it is natural for Realtors® to pay great attention to digital advertising. However, despite the exponential reach and exposure to online advertising, one cannot deny the impact of outdoor advertising. There are many different forms of outdoor advertising, but it is billboards that can garner all the attention.

For a Realtor®, there is nothing more convenient than billboard signs to spread the word about a property that they want to sell. Even for a tech-savvy buyer who prefers searching for suitable properties on realty websites, it is impossible to ignore the presence of a larger than life image of billboard signs put up by a Realtor®. They see it at a strategic location in the city every time they walk or drive past the billboard, and it creates a lasting impression on the mind.


Brand awareness on a vast scale

Billboard advertising has two essential benefits for Realtors®. On the one hand, they can use it for marketing a property that they are trying to sell at a high asking price and on the other hand, they can spread the word around about their business.

By placing the name and logo of their company prominently on the billboard, a Realtor® can rest assured that their service can create a unique identity in the minds of the target group of customers.

A vast majority of the people viewing the billboard may not be interested in the property. Still, they pay attention to the services offered by the company of the Realtor®.


Billboard advertising reaches a broader audience

Realtors® across the country advertise through social media as well as on many other digital platforms. There is no doubt that digital advertising has an enormous reach, being viewed by the target group of the target Realtor®. However, a recent study has proven that the level of engagement of a Facebook ad is below 1% (Marketers consider anything above 1% to be excellent). In comparison, outdoor advertisement in the form of a billboard has an engagement rate of 16%. It proves that people have more engagement with ads on billboards than they have with online advertisements. It is clear why Realtors® need to advertise locally through billboards to complement their online marketing efforts.


Billboard advertisements increase exposure at the local level

Savvy Realtors® know that an overwhelming majority of buyers and sellers today look for professionals on the web. Therefore, all Realtors® have a significant presence on the internet, and they are also trying to catch the attention of their potential clients through social media. Billboard advertisements interact with these clients on a much deeper level and help in their conversion.


They help in the quick sale of property

A Realtor® can very well advertise properties on various online platforms. But when it comes to finding customers for the properties of their clients at the local level, no better type of advertising catches the attention of interested buyers than billboards. It becomes impossible for passer-by not to look at the vast billboard advertising about the sale of a property. Repeatedly seeing the same advertisement for an extended period creates a lasting impression on the individual. Therefore, billboard advertising helps Realtors® in selling their properties quickly and easily.


Billboard advertising increases customers

Billboard advertising has maximum impact on the potential clients of a Realtor®. Even if they are not interested in buying the property advertised by the Realtor®, they are inclined to utilize the services whenever they need to buy or sell a property in the area. Billboard advertising creates brand awareness, showing the Realtor® as genuine and experienced by potential clients.

It is therefore not surprising to find that Realtors® are making use of billboard advertising benefits on various levels, being able to promote the property and their brand. These individuals become customers of the Realtor® in time to come and help in increasing sales.

In the end, it would suffice to say that billboard advertising is a vital member of the marketing family. If digital advertising seems to be far ahead of other tools of marketing in terms of reach and exposure, it happens to be a marketing tool that grabs the attention of potential customers in a very dominant manner. It combines well with digital advertising and social media advertising and delivers an excellent return on investment to a Realtor®.


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