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Are you sending spam without knowing it?

Email is a remarkably efficient marketing tool to stay connected and to send and receive important documents, however as a Realtors®, it is important to focus your email marketing strategy on offering valuable information as opposed to meaningless spam. If your account gets hacked, the effective strategy of email marketing can quickly turn into a nightmare for your corporate integrity.

When your account gets hacked and your friends start receiving spam from your email address, many people act desperately and decide to close their email accounts. However, closing the account does not solve the problem and others continue to receive spam from this account.

It can be annoying and also frustrating to hear from your friends and colleagues saying they received spam from your email account. Some of this spam also includes malware, which can be greatly upsetting for the recipients. You know that you haven’t sent the spam but it becomes hard to convince your friends. You suspect that a hacker has got access to your email account and sending spam to others. You back up your important emails and make another account on the same or another email service. You then close the account, hoping that the problem will be solved and the hacker will no longer be able to access your account.

The first thing you should do when you discover that your account is being used to send spam to others is to change your password. If others do not receive spam after changing the password, you have fixed the problem.

Sometimes, the email service rejects the new password. This happens when the hacker has changed the password and starts controlling the email account. If this is the case, try to log in to your account using another computer. You can also use the same computer if you use incognito mode to log in to your account. If you cannot log in, click on Forgot your Password message to get a link to another password. This new password will be sent to you and the hacker will not have access to it.

If your problem is still not solved and your friends continue to receive spam from your email account, you need to contact your email service to inform them about this problem.

If you use the same password to log in to your email account on several email services, it is time to make unique passwords for each account. Once your email service solves your problem, send apology emails to all your friends and colleagues while telling them that it was not you who sent this spam to them.

Always make strong and unique passwords for your email account so that they cannot be hacked by hackers.


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