Best social media platforms for a Realtor to be on

What are the best social media platforms for a Realtor® to be on?

The real estate business revolves around the art of maintaining cordial relationships with everyone, including past and potential clients, contractors, brokers, vendors, and contractors. Realtors® had to work very hard on their contacts in the past when there was no social media and instant messaging apps. Today, the problem is not as much about the absence of social media platforms as it is about which ones of these are the best for realty business. With a new social media website popping up every few months, many Realtors® are finding it difficult to decide which one of these platforms is best suited for their profession.


Why the selection platforms is a significant decision for a Realtor®?

One thing to understand for all real estate agents is the fact that nearly all homebuyers start their house hunt online these days. They are no longer interested in looking at property ads in newspapers and reading the listings of Realtors® in the phonebook. In such a scenario, all Realtors® need a strong social media presence to catch the attention of their potential clients. Opening an account and making your profile on a social media site is easy and free of cost. Still, unless you know how to use social media as a weapon, you cannot hope to convey the right message to the maximum number of potential clients at the right time. Making the selection of the right social platforms is crucial.


Examine your standing within the industry

For a Realtor®, it is crucial to know where they are standing at present in terms of social media presence and business objectives. If they already have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is easier for them to analyze their outreach and the number of followers on these accounts than to make new accounts on untried social media platforms. They can check whether their followers are engaging with their content or not and what they can do to increase their followers on these platforms. The Realtor® can revisit their social media strategy to see if they are spending a lot of time and energy on social media platforms that are not delivering desired results.


Who do you want to reach?

“Who do you want to reach” is an essential question to ask yourself before shortlisting the best social media platforms. What purpose is it to spend time and energy on creating content for a social media platform where you have very few followers and where your target group of clients spends very little time daily? Imagine your target customers and think about their age, gender, average monthly income, kids, industries they are working in, and the type of neighbourhood and properties of their interest. Once you zero in on your target group of clients, it becomes easy for you to find out the social media platforms where they spend their spare time.


Instagram is perfect for lead generation.

Among all social media platforms, Instagram takes the cake when it comes to visual appeal. With more than 700 million active users, you know it is the social media platform to generate leads for your properties with some alluring photos. You can easily arouse curiosity in the minds of buyers with the help of beautiful pictures of the interiors and exteriors of the properties in your hand. Instagram is the preferred mobile social media platform of those who love to say it, not with words but photos. In addition to images, you can also post 15-second short video clips of homes to create buzz around homes.


Facebook is the beating heart of all social media

No matter which social media platforms you choose and leave behind, Facebook is one platform that you can’t even imagine not using as a Realtor®. Facebook is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about social media. However, as a Realtor®, you must use it judiciously and keep only 20% of your posts related to your business. Keep 80% of posts focused upon your clients if you want to make the most of this social media platform. Facebook is as social as it gets, and you do not want to be an aggressive seller when using this platform for your business.


LinkedIn creates a professional image for Realtors®

LinkedIn is a social media platform that may not be as popular as Facebook and Instagram, but it is beneficial when it comes to professionals. It is useful for networking and for nurturing healthy relationships in the field of real estate. It is not a platform where you are talking firstly to your customers. However, it is an ideal platform made up of professionals like you. These professionals have access to customers who you want to attract.


In the end, it is vital to keep in mind that you should strive to appear natural and as social as you can irrespective of social media platform you choose to interact and engage with your customers.


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