Branded Real Estate Coloring Books for the kids

Branded Real Estate Colouring Books For The Kids

Marketing is the backbone of the realty business. No Realtor® worth weight in salt can afford to ignore advertising and marketing to generate leads and to increase sales. In this age of fast speed internet and connected mobile devices, the focus of a vast majority of Realtors® remains on digital advertising. However, even these Realtors® know that it would be foolish to ignore the importance of marketing through print material, as it is a personalized type of marketing that allows Realtors® to create a lasting impression on the minds of potential clients. One of these print material is real estate colouring books for kids that are becoming popular among Realtors®.

You may wonder how real estate colouring books for kids can help you in the marketing of your realty business. If you have organized an open house earlier, you must have seen how parents coming to these events with their kids are disturbed by the tantrums thrown by kids. Young kids and toddlers can quickly spoil an open house with their behaviour and activities that often include running here and there and making loud noises. There are many Realtors® like you who have seen their efforts in organizing an open house going to waste because of disruptive actives of kids.

Real estate colouring books are books containing drawings of houses. Realtors® are using these drawing books to give away as gifts to kids coming along with their parents in open houses and other meetings organized by them. Realtors® also give away crayon colouring pencils to kids and ask them to colour the features of the homes in the drawing book according to their liking.

Children who are already feeling restless in the setting of an open house, find these colouring books very interesting. They grab the crayons and start to fill in colours in the sketches of houses. They remain in a playful mood and do not disrupt the proceedings of the event. Parents are also happy to see their kids indulging in an activity that is artistic and engaging for them. They appreciate the gesture of Realtors® for giving these small gifts to their kids and take part in the proceedings of the open house.

In a way, real estate colouring books are also an excellent marketing tool for Realtors®. Parents carry these books into their homes where they keep lying around for a long time. Realtor® has the privilege of important printing details of the company on the front and back of these real estate colouring books. With the name and logo of the company printed on these colouring books, customers get a chance to catch a glimpse of these details. Thus, these books can create a beautiful impression on the minds of the potential clients that receive these books.

Many parents love to hang the drawings coloured by their kids on the walls of their houses. These drawings become a source of marketing for your company as they carry the name and logo of your company. Therefore, it is in your interest to order custom-designed real estate colouring books for your business. You can give them to parents accompanied by their young kids in open houses and ask their kids to colour the drawings printed inside the book.

Storybooks for kids with images of different types of houses have become very popular among Realtors® these days. They use these books as a marketing tool as they contain information about their business. They also have their contact details to allow recipients to call or email whenever they want to buy or sell a property. However, these colouring books are not used aggressively to market the business as they are handed out to kids so that they become involved with drawing and do not disrupt the activities in an open house.

If you organize open houses frequently and are having issues with kids, these real estate colouring books can solve your problem to a great extent. They will ensure your event is conducted successfully by keeping toddlers occupied while you focus on more imporant issues.


Tiny Tomato Design is the leading advertising agency specializing in print marketing material. We can create custom real estate colouring books that you can give away as gifts to parents bringing their kids along with them to the open houses organized by you. We have helped many Realtors® with our real estate colouring books. You can take advantage of our expertise and start using these incredible real estate colouring books.


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