Gift ideas to Show Your Real Estate Clients Appreciation

Gift ideas to Show Your Real Estate Clients Appreciation

Clients are your number one referral source and you need to make efforts to connect with them. A great way to do this is through personalized gifts


Gifts aim to connect with your real estate clients on a personal level, whilst also being a great way to market your business. Knowing your real estate clients hobbies and values will enhance the effectiveness of your gifts. Not only are you showing your appreciation to them, but you are showcasing key business values of your company at the same time. That being, clients come first. The key thing to remember is “what are my client’s values” and “what are my business values”. Below is a lift of some gift ideas to help you start brainstorming.


Company Merchandise:
This is a great way to market your company while providing a gift. Logos and contact information can be printed on pretty much anything. A gift that is used that promotes your business is a fantastic gift. However, it is important to make sure it will be used and not junk. Items could include an umbrella, a drink cooler, notepad, key chain, fridge magnet or even some pens. Think about practical items that will be utilized.


Make a donation to a charity that is best suited to their values. If they have had health issues in their family, donate to a research foundation for that illness. If they do volunteer work for the homeless, donate to an organization that helps with the homeless. This should be sent to them in a card with a personalized message.


Gift Cards:
Gift cards can be a safe way to recognize your appreciation to your real estate clients you do not know on a personal level. There is a range of different gift cards, including vouchers for movies, clothing, petrol or electronic goods.


Do you have any real estate clients that love a glass of wine or scotch? Buy them a nice bottle of one of their favourites to show them how much they mean to you and your company. We recommend giving it to them in person, as they may invite you in to share a drink with them. Use this time to continue to build on your already strong relationship.


Christmas Cards:
Do not just buy any ordinary Christmas card and do not print a generic message. Use unique or hand made cards and make sure your message is personal and handwritten.


Family Day Lunch:
Organize a family day and provide food and drinks. This is a great way to meet your real estate clients family and build a personal connection with them if you have not done so already.


Read anything new lately that matches your real estate clients interest? Try to avoid popular older books, there is a high chance they would have read them already. If you are unsure, provide them with an e-book voucher where they can buy their own online.


Height Chart:
Design a personalized height chart for clients that have children. They can track their children’s growth and keep it forever.


Hamper Basket:
Create your own gift hamper basket or buy a pre-made one. You can design your own hamper basket online and tailor it to suit your clients.


Sporting Events:
When people are passionate about a sporting club, generally you will know. It will be a topic they love to talk about and they will have plenty of merchandise. A ticket to watch their favourite team play will go a long way with a passionate sports fan. Always purchase two tickets so they have someone to go with. If you are lucky, they will invite you to share the experience with them. Use this time to further cement your client relationship.


Photo Book:
Offer your clients a free photo book. Ask for their 20+ best photos and then print them online at Walmart or Costco. They have programs that will help you design and personalize the book with ease.


Gifts are aimed to ensure you maintain a close, personal contact with your number one referral source; your real estate clients. There are hundreds of different gift ideas, the above is a small list to get you to start thinking. Gifts should never be generic and should be tailored to the individual for maximum results. For example, you can buy pool toys for those clients with a pool, presents for the children if your client has children, etc. Gifts are a great marketing tool that can be utilized all year round.


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