Creating Successful Email Newsletters

Creating Successful Real Estate Email Newsletters

If created correctly, e-newsletters can be an effective marketing tool that will keep you on your clients’ mind, while delivering your key messages and promoting your brand. Not only are they a low-cost marketing tool, but they are an efficient way to reach a large number of customers instantaneously. We aim to help you develop the ultimate e-newsletters to attract more leads for your business, which will ultimately result in an uplift in sales.



Many e-newsletters can be a mess. They may lack a purpose and as a result, information is not structured and it is hard to see what the point of the newsletter is. Before you commence creating your newsletter, decide on what you want the purpose to be and who your intended target is. Note: e-newsletters do not need to be generic to all your clients. You may segregate your clients and target them separately.

Aim to balance your material to be 90% educational and 10% promotional. Readers don’t want to be constantly pressured to buy your products and hear you talk yourself up. This will likely deter them from reading your newsletters going forward. Focus on sending your subscribers educational, relevant, timely information. This will ensure they are reading your e-newsletter and more likely to respond to the 10% promotional information included in the newsletter. Some ideas may include:

Market Statistics: This may be the number of homes listed for sale, recently sold properties, average listing and sales prices per area, average days on the market or mortgage rate information.

Product review: Readers appreciate an unbiased review of products or services. This could be anything you think is of interest to your customers.

Editorials: For example, a column written by an industry expert.

Case studies: Customers can better relate to real-life examples. The topic can be anything you consider of interest for customers. An example may be a listing process.

How-to’s: Guides for completing a task.



Personalization of emails will increase the likelihood of the email being opened and the opportunity to generate a new lead. One study showed “personalized emails have 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized mailings.” In order for this to be effective, it is important to obtain as much information about your customers as possible. The more you can personalize each one email, the more effective your e-newsletter will be. In the simplest form, always address the customers name, do not use phrases such as “Hi there!” or ” To Whom it may concern”.

As mentioned above, you should look to segregate your customer list into relevant groups. For example, you may have exclusive offers you only wish to offer to your top 20 customers. Or, you may target customers you have not heard from for a while. The more information you have about your customers the more effectively you can target them. Other factors include age, location, religion, interests, etc.



This should not be rushed as it is a huge factor behind customers opening your email or not. Make your opening line is enticing so the customer cannot resist opening it. It is important to have a different, creative and engaging subject line for each newsletter you send.

Engaging your customer is one thing, ensuring they continue to read is another! Make your e-newsletter is appealing with quality layout, text and imagery. This will increase the likelihood they will read the e-newsletter and ensure your key messages are received. Remember, these newsletters are also an effective marking tool. Ensure these are tailored to your brand and promote your key business values.



Email marketing apps are very cheap, they will charge by the number of subscribers and the number of emails sent. It is important to not send too many emails, or you will be marked as spam and nobody will be opening your e-newsletters. An example of 5 service providers are listed below:


Commitment to the process is key to your success. Spend time developing your newsletters and send them on a timely basis. You will increase your brand awareness and notice an increase in website traffic. All this will achieve the main goal, more sales!


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