Custom Designed Real Estate Notepad tips

Custom Designed Real Estate Notepad Insights

For a Realtor®, brand awareness and exposure in front of potential clients are extremely important to grow and expand their business. There are many types of different print materials that serve essential functions within the marketing mix. One of these is custom-designed real estate notepads. Notepads with the name, address, logo, and contact details of the Realtor® create a lovely impression on current and potential clients.

Most Realtors® make use of notepads to mass drop as merchandise to generate leads. However, most use them to jot down important details about properties then handing them out to interested visitors at an open house. They can very easily use blank notepads sold in shops. Still, their customers and potential clients evince interest in the information much more when they are provided with custom-designed notepads. Imagine the difference when a Realtor® hands out information on a blank piece of paper and another Realtor® makes use of custom-designed notepads.


Branded notepads allow you to stand out amongst competitors

Custom designed notepads give you a chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd effortlessly. You can choose the size, design, colour scheme, font size, and pretty much everything according to your liking and business requirements. One great thing about these custom notepads is that you enjoy their marketing benefits long after distributing them among your customers, as most people tend to keep them after folding them and keeping them inside their pockets. They take these notepads back with them and refer back to them whenever they want to refresh their memory about the details of a property. As they carry the name, address, logo, and contact details, it becomes easy for the recipient to contact you whenever they need your service. Just like the business cards, you hand out to your visitors; these custom designed notepads work as a highly useful marketing tool for your business. They are also highly functional as they allow you to jot down details about the property, mortgage, or any other information that you want to share with your potential clients.


They allow you to communicate a dynamic brand image

Communication with clients forms the backbone of a Realty business for all Realtors®. You interact with them on the phone, on instant messaging apps, and through emails. While all these channels of communication are essential, it is personal communication done in person with the help of notepads that has the most significant impact on your customers. You can drive home the point by explaining it in writing and confirming the understanding by the client. Here are some significant benefits of using custom-designed notepads.


A highly effective brand-building exercise

Most of the marketing and promotional activities have become very costly these days. However, using custom-designed notepads is still a highly cost-effective way of marketing your business as a Realtor®. All recipients of custom-designed notepads where the Realtor® has written important information get a very nice impression about the Realtor®. They think about utilizing their services if they have liked the design of their custom notepad. These notepads carry out the vital function of brand building in a calm manner. Any Realtor® can carry out a brand-building exercise by merely using custom-designed notepads when communicating with their potential and existing clients.


These notepads lay the foundation for lasting client relationships

High quality and visually appealing notepads inspire confidence and trust in the minds of all recipients. They think of the Realtor® as a genuine person who is knowledgeable and skilled. This perception is essential in building strong relationships. In a real estate business, it is the robust networking and relationships with clients, brokers, and contractors that result in success for any Realtor®.


Tips for beautiful and impressive notepads

Size is important: You are free to choose the size and dimensions of the notepad according to your liking. However, make sure that the notepads are handy and compact, so it’s easy for the recipient to hold and read the information. Dimensions of 5.5 x 4.5 inches are optimum for the use of a Realtor®.

Keep designing down to a minimum: Notepads are mainly used for writing information and not as a piece of art. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid too much of designing over your notepads. Design elements should be restricted to the top or bottom of the page with the name, address, and logo of the company written clearly in an attractive font.

Choose full-colour printing: Full-colour printing adds to the beauty and appeal of the notepad and makes your logo stand out in the eyes of your recipients.




Tiny Tomato Design has tons of experience in designing custom notepads for our clients. We can create custom notepads of your liking that will create an excellent impression on your potential clients and generate leads.


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