Do You Need a Chat Option on Your Real Estate Website_

Do You Need a Chat Option on Your Real Estate Website?

As a Realtor®, you are primarily reliant on your business website for lead generation. You spend time and money on the SEO strategy of your website to drive a high amount of traffic and generate leads. You have also taken adequate measures to ensure your website is efficient at satisfying the queries of your visitors by presenting the information in a detailed manner that is easy to understand.

However, there are always visitors who have questions and queries, and they want an immediate response, or else, they will move onto your competitor’s website. A Live Chat feature can help give your prospective clients the quick response they are craving.  It is a great way to separate yourself from your competitors as many Realtors® don’t utilize live chat.


People want instant gratification these days

Technology has become so advanced today that people expect several communication channels to get in touch with you, whether it is a telephone, email, social media buttons, or live chat. If your website is not equipped with this, they are more likely to end up with one of your competitors. Therefore, it is crucial to have the feature of live chat on your website to keep these potential clients.

Once you have decided to install the feature of chat on your website, you have two options in front of you. You can either install the button of live chat or make do with a chatbot.


Live chat allows you to establish rapport with your visitors

Live chat requires either you or someone you depute to answer the questions of your visitors, which can prove difficult when you have a small team or when you are just starting as a Realtor®. However, there are inherent benefits of live chat as it is a personal means of communication and allows you to establish a rapport with your visitors very quickly. When visitors realize they are talking to a real human being, they feel more relaxed as the likelihood of accurate and timely information increases. These days, you need not sit in front of a computer to respond to the queries made by your visitors. They can be handled with the help of a mobile app on your smartphone even when you are on the move.


A chatbot has its limitations

There are many options in terms of the live chat button from Facebook Messenger to Zendesk and Drift. If you are a busy Realtor® and answering to your visitors interferes with your working, you have the option of installing a chatbot on your website.  It is an automatic chat feature that mimics human intelligence and keeps the conversation going with a visitor for a while. It allows you to remain free from worries of replying to your visitors as it is always active on a 24X7 basis. However, chatbots have limitations, and they cannot answer specific questions raised by your visitors. At best, they can set up a meeting of the visitor with you.

With a Chatbot, you run the risk of irritating some of your visitors who want a detailed answer to a specific question. The chatbot continues to repeat its answers when it has no clues about the issue, and this can easily irritate some of your visitors.

With a live chat button on your website, visitors know that they can get answers to their questions. It is a very reassuring thought that helps in keeping many visitors happy and satisfied with your business.


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