Does Your Real Estate Website Really Need IDX Integration_

Does Your Real Estate Website Really Need IDX Integration?

IDX is an acronym that stands for Internet Data Exchange. It is a software standard that is utilized by Realtors® and brokers to update properties from various MLS listings. IDX integration has become very popular in the real estate industry, as IDX makes it easy for professionals to display features from multiple updated listing services.

All Realtors® seek to display more and more properties to attract potential clients, and they can present a wide range of features with the help of IDX. Let us find out if this IDX integration of the website is necessary for all Realtors® or not.

Of course, it can be very appealing to a Realtor® to have the ability to display updated properties on the MLS. However, just because every other Realtor® is going for IDX functionality does not mean you should necessarily opt for IDX integration. IDX integration is expensive, and it can cost a lot of money to a Realtor®. Big companies like Zillow and, have massive budgets, and they can easily afford the charges of IDX integration.


Go for it if your budget allows

Do you love all the maps that will enable a real-time search of properties? Have you fallen in love with the kind of display of properties you see on popular real estate websites? If yes, then you should also know that it takes massive expenditure to develop such features on a website. Yes, you can recreate a similar kind of experience for your visitors with IDX integration provided you are ready to spend a lot of money. If you cannot afford this kind of money, you must be content with the template IDX solution, which is, of course, not so fantastic for your visitors.

Even if you are ready to spend money on IDX integration of your website, you might be in for a disappointment. Automatic listing feeds do not work well in all areas across the country. In many housing markets, there are different feeds, meaning certain features may remain elusive for you.


It may create challenges for your SEO efforts

Template IDX feeds are hosted on subdomains, meaning they do not help your SEO efforts. Your website will lag far behind authoritative realty websites like and Zillow in terms of rankings because of this template feed. You must use a custom IDX solution to complement your SEO effors, which can be expensive.

For these reasons, IDX listing feeds are not a smart option for an agent. They may be helpful for a visitor coming to your website, but a prospective customer will rarely find your website when conducting a Google search for listing feeds. As a result, IDX integration is a nice feature to have on your website but not necessary. If you are confident about great content on your website and your SEO efforts, it is advisable to go for IDX integration. However, do not think that this integration will serve as a lead generation tool for your realty website. You will have to face fierce competition from big realty websites, and you will not be able to afford it.

Maximize the money you have spect if you have decided in favour of IDX integration. Many IDX plugins can help you identify what visitors are searching on your website and if they have saved any of the properties on your site. It is also suitable for a new agent to give the impression that you have many listings to your visitors.

You can get a better ROI from the money that it will cost you for IDX integration. You can use it for digital advertising to send a higher amount of traffic to your website.


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