Door Hanger advertising concepts that actually work

Door Hanger Advertising Concepts That Work

Door hanger advertising has been used by Realtors® for decades as it is a powerful traditional marketing tool that has proven highly successful at winning over potential clients. These cards, printed on both sides, can be hung on the doorknob or handle and designed to catch the attention of the reader about properties, open houses, and other events.

These hangers are small and lightweight, and they are flexible enough to be taken directly to your target audience. These door hangers are amazingly affordable and a Realtor® with budget constraints has much to gain from this strategy. These hangers are so engaging and immersive that it is virtually impossible for anyone to ignore them.


The power of door hangers

Door hangers have many advantages over other types of print marketing material. You can ignore direct mail sent to your mailbox or even emails sent to your computer, but you cannot ignore these beautiful door hangers that you find hanging from the handle of your front door whenever you are leaving or returning to your home. Even if you do not want to read or see the content of the door hanger, you have no option but to catch a glance at the photo and the headline. This is because you have to use your hand to take off the door hanger form the knob or handle of your door.


Door hangers can supplement any marketing effort

It may not strike as an excellent marketing tool to a Realtor® in the beginning. But when they see the flexibility and usefulness of door hangers, they understand how well these innocuous-looking marketing material generate leads for them. These hangers with your photo and contact information can easily make your face recognizable in your housing market. They may not send customers directly to you, but you can rest assured of people remembering your name whenever they need to buy or sell a property in your area of operation. These door hangers are not meant to convert people into your customers immediately, within a week or even a month. It happens to be a long-term marketing effort that reaps desired results in the form of business from your recipients in the long run.



Benefits of Door Hangers


Nothing beats them in terms of visibility:

As a Realtor®, you can send direct mail to your leads and potential clients, but you know they are very easy for them to ignore. In fact, more than 90% of direct mail is never opened by their recipients, leave alone reading and then giving a desired response to the sender. In comparison, door hangers are impossible to ignore and even if one tries to ignore them, they still are forced to look at them while taking them off the handle of the door.


There is an element of novelty involved:

People are used to seeing emails from Realtors® in their inboxes. They are also used to direct mail sent to their mailbox every week by various companies and service providers. Door hangers are not so common and so people become curious when they see them hanging from their doors. There is this element of novelty involved with these hangers that makes them useful and very effective to attain the marketing objectives of Realtors®.


These hangers are highly flexible:

If you are a Realtor®, you feel excited about the flexibility offered by door hangers. You can choose their shape and size according to your liking and play with other design elements such as colour and font size. You can staple your business card with these door hangers and even attach refrigerator magnets while keeping distribution costs almost the same.


They are highly cost-effective:

If you compare door hangers with other printed marketing material, you will find that they are very cheap and in fact bring a higher ROI to the Realtor® than other marketing tools. This is the reason why door hangers are finding their way back into the mainstream. More and more Realtors® are using these door hangers to generate leads and to buy/sell properties. In fact, door hangers have become very popular among Realtors® to inform a large number of people about impending open houses.

You can combine door hangers with direct mail. Also, you can change the shape and size of door hangers according to your requirements. They can be printed on both sides to include as much information as you want on them. They prove very cheap to carry out any campaign.


Door Hanger


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