Explode Your Leads With Web Banner Display Adverts For Real Estate

Explode Your Leads With Web Banner Display Adverts For Real Estate

Web banner display adverts are a cost-effective way for real estate agents to bolster their online presence and draw in more leads. You’ve likely seen a ton of these banner ads in your online browsing, and have probably even clicked on a few. Whether they contain an irresistible offer or an eye-catching graphic, banner advertisements are a fantastic tool for reaching more leads as they appear front and center on pages and specifically target clients who would be interested in your business.

As with any form of marketing, print or digital, these ads have three main purposes: catching your audience’s attention, getting them thinking about your product/service, and, ideally, motivating them to follow up by clicking through the ad. What makes this type of advertising so effective then? Professionals of all stripes rely on web banner ads due to how affordable they are, their continued effectiveness, and how easy it is to monitor key metrics and adjust your strategy accordingly. However, not all banner ads are created equally. In order for real estate professionals to find real success with their web banner display adverts, they need to be sure they are crafting ads that are engaging to their viewer base. Not sure where to start? Here’s our 5 tips for Realtors® looking to bolster their online traffic and generate more leads with web banner advertising.


1. Make your message clear

Remember that for the most part, the people who will see your web banner advertisement aren’t necessarily looking for it, and will probably scroll right by unless you give them a reason to pause. This is true in any form of real estate marketing, but clarity becomes even more of a concern when your advertisement is so brief by nature. Realtors® must get their offer out in just a few words, making sure that this headline maintains clear hierarchy over any supporting copy or other information. Types of offers that work particularly well in banner form are so-called ‘value offers’, such as promoting 30% off a specific service, a free consultation, or a claim of some unbeatable service you provide.


2. Use the correct size and placement

When purchasing space on a website and choosing what to put there, it’s important to consult tools like Google Adsense to inform yourself on current trends and best practices for digital marketing. There are a few sizes of web banner adverts that are particularly effective for real estate marketing, as they suit the style of advertising you’ll be doing, and fit well in key areas of a page. Here are the most popular sizes and formats for banner ads currently:

  • 728×90px — Leaderboard
  • 300×600px — Half Page
  • 300×250px — Medium Rectangle
  • 336×280px — Large Rectangle


3. Showcase your brand

With a veritable sea of advertisements out there on the web, it’s important to stand out from the crowd using every tool at your disposal. As a Realtor®, one of the most important tools you possess is your brand. This encapsulates your logo, tagline, colors specific to your brand, and even any professional photos of you that give viewers a sense of who you are. In an industry structured around personal connections, potential clients are always on the lookout for advertising that suggests the agent is trustworthy and capable. Your web banner adverts, while brief, should still communicate these qualities to onlookers.


4. Give a sense of urgency

As we’ve mentioned, your audience for web banner adverts is far from a captive one. For the most part, those who come across your ad will already have some purpose or task they hope to accomplish in their browsing, and your advertisement is nothing more than a distraction to them – until it draws their attention. In order to turn your ad from an eyesore into an actionable bit of digital marketing, the offer you make or the information you communicate should address some sort of pressing need your audience faces, and give them a time-limited offer to follow up. The offer itself is important, but the colors you use in your ad can lend a similar feeling of urgency. In this format in particular, bold, contrasting colors are most effective for engaging and exciting the reader.


5. Consult a professional

Sure, anyone can design a somewhat effective web banner advertisement. The basic elements seem so simple after all; a picture of your smiling face, an irresistible offer, some supporting information, and you’re off to the races. What Real estate professionals often forget is that there’s more to these ads than meets the eye. Placement of information, use of space and color, file formats, sizing… the list goes on. There’s a lot more variables to creating an effective advertisement than you’d originally think, and sometimes it really is better to leave things to a professional graphic designer.

That’s where we come in. Tiny Tomato Design is a full-service graphic design agency with years of expertise in the real estate sector. We’ve created effective marketing campaigns across every medium, and pride ourselves on providing real results for our clients at affordable prices.


Looking for assistance designing web banner ads that generate more leads Click here to get in touch and start developing your next strategy today!



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