Feature Sheet designs that sell properties & generate leads

Feature Sheet Designs That Sell Properties And Generate Leads

If you are looking to quickly sell a property with profitable outcomes, the act of listing it on the market alone wouldn’t suffice. As a listing agent, you need to create some buzz around the property to catch the attention of potential buyers in the market. One marketing tool that helps Realtors® greatly in this endeavour is a feature sheet. These features sheets containing all the relevant information and highlights about the property help you in spreading the word around its sale. If you come across a buyer looking for a home like the property in question, it becomes easy for you to impress them by handing out this feature sheet. It says everything that you want to tell the buyer and even encourages them to act.


Design features to keep in mind when creating a feature sheet

If you do not know, feature sheets are marketing tools that are increasingly being used by Realtors® across the country these days. This printed material contains all the highlights of the property and its outstanding features that you can use to create a lasting impression on the recipient. However, not every feature sheet is created equal. While some are extraordinary and serve their purpose very well, you can also miss the target by opting for design and content that is not very interesting for the readers.


Beautiful photos are a must

A feature sheet is not worth looking at if it doesn’t contain some stunning photos of the property. You need to hire service of a professional real estate photographer to snap striking photos of the interiors and exteriors of the property. Give details of the property and post these photos to impress and arouse the curiosity of the reader. Whether it is the terrace, the landscaping or the bathrooms that make your property stand out from the rest, just have the best features taken by an experienced photographer to create visually appealing feature sheets. Visually appealing photos help you weave a story around the property to lure potential buyers.

4 Page Feature Sheet

Choose captions that prove alluring

Sometimes, a reader doesn’t have time to go through the entire content to absorb the information you have provided in the feature sheet. In such a scenario, the captions you create for the highlights or the salient features of your property do all the talking with the potential buyer. Using adjectives like awesome, excellent, spacious, cozy, splendor, etc can create the kind of impression you want on your reader when going through the feature sheet.


Make it classy with a high-quality paper

Choosing a poor-quality paper for the feature sheet is a mistake that can ruin everything. You want the reader to start imagining and if possible, living inside the property that you want to sell to them. This is possible when you have chosen a high-quality paper that is glossy or textured to give a luxurious feel to the potential buyer. Invest more money on feature sheets as they serve as a very important marketing goal. You want the reader to get lost in the beauty and details of the feature sheet and if it requires spending more, so be it.


Hire services of a professional

You have the property to sell but you do not have the skills to create the feature sheet to entice your potential buyers. Leave this task to an experienced marketing company that understands the ins and out of such marketing material. Let an experienced marketing company do all the designing and place the content and the images on a glossy or textured paper. Do not think of the fee of the marketing company as expenditure. It is an investment into your marketing efforts that will reap desired results if your feature sheet turns out to be immersive and appealing marketing material for potential buyers.

Remember that a nicely designed feature sheet plays a crucial role in selling your property quickly at the desired asking price. Choose the marketing agency carefully if you want to create a feature sheet that is attractive and alluring for your audience.


Do not forget to include important information

Many Realtors®, in their enthusiasm to come up with beautiful feature sheet, remain obsessed with designing and photographs while they forget to include the core details of the property. Remember, the buyer is interested in not just the price tag and the living area but also the entire amenities that one can expect to enjoy after buying and moving in. Make sure you choose a template that gives you the opportunity to include such information in a paragraph. There are many buyers who love to read the salient features of the property in a paragraph.


Generate those leads

By investing time and money in a custom-designed feature sheet you will sure enough not only sell the property quickly you will generate leads. When potential sellers see how you market other people’s homes they will want that for them selfs. Put simply, if you look elite in the eyes of potential sellers and you will generate leads!



2 Page Feature Sheet


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