Hand written direct mail letters vs bulk printing them

Handwritten Direct Mail Letters vs. Bulk Printing Them

In this digital age, it is rare to see handwritten letters, whether they are from your loved ones or even your Realtors®. You see a bombardment of emails from all sorts of businesses every day when you open your email inbox. These emails have started to appear more like clutter than any meaningful correspondence. More and more Realtors® are turning the clock back and using the traditional strategy of handwritten letters as marketing tools for their business. These handwritten letters appear like a breath of fresh air in this digital age when your mailbox is full of printed letters from all sorts of companies.


Pros of Handwritten Letters


  1. They are more likely to be read by recipients:

It is easier for a Realtor® to put bulk printed letters inside envelopes and mail them to their potential clients. However, people have become fed up with these bulk printed letters, and they throw them in their dustbins even without opening them. On the other hand, handwritten letters are more likely to be opened and read by their recipients.


  1. They show respect to your audience:

Handwritten letters are a mark of respect by their recipients. They feel they are considered valuable to you and are likely to respond to your call of action if they need your services. The level of personalization will give you a competitive edge over your competitors who are still using bulk printed letters.


  1. Handwritten mail has a much higher ROI:

When you are doing business, spending money on bulk printed letters, even if they are not producing desired results, is a waste of your money and time. Studies have shown that customers give a higher response to handwritten mails than bulk printed letters.


  1. They allow you to personalize and be more creative:

You have a set format and content in bulk printed letters. However, you can get personal and become more creative when writing letters on your own to your potential customers. A high level of personalization and customization make these handwritten letters more interesting for your customers. Your company is seen as professional and sincere when they receive handwritten letters.


  1. Handwritten letters increase sales:

Most Realtors® opt for bulk printed letters only because they find it tiring and cumbersome to write personal messages to their customers. However, the fact is that in this digital age, recipients are happy to receive handwritten letters that they find more personal and satisfying than bulk printed letters. Realtors® using handwritten letters as a marketing tool, has reported increased sales, which reflect an excellent ROI on these marketing materials. All your effort is well worth spending time on writing letters if your recipients are opening, reading, and responding to your call of action.


  1. They are excellent for lead generation:

Handwritten letters from Realtors® generate an outstanding response from recipients. Nearly all such Realtors® have reported that their recipients open most of their messages, and almost 10% of customers respond. When you are spending such a large amount of money on the SEO of your website, it is only prudent on your part to spend your time writing personal letters to your potential clients when you know that these letters are opened and read when they are handwritten.



Pros of Bulk Printed Letters


  1. They are highly cost-effective:

Bulk printed letters are so cheap that you hardly pay anything for a single message in addition to the postage charged by the government. Ordering in bulk can further reduce these costs.


  1. You save precious time with bulk printed letters:

You just need to insert your letter inside an envelope and write the address of the recipient before mailing it. These bulk printed letters take very little time to send to many of your current and potential customers.


  1. A considerable number of customers reached:

There are no restrictions when mailing bulk printed letters to your existing and potential customers. As they are very cheap and all you pay is the postage charges, you can send them to as many people as possible without worrying about the cost incurred by this marketing tool. If you plan to send letters to more than a thousand individuals, the most efficient way of doing so is by mailing bulk printed letters.


  1. Bulk printed letters support other marketing efforts:

You can include all relevant information in bulk printed mail to your potential customers. Bulk printed mail is a marketing material that supports all other marketing efforts and campaigns.


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