How Effective Real Estate Content Writing Can Transform Your Business

How Effective Real Estate Content Writing Can Transform Your Business

The difference between OK content and great content can make or break your real estate marketing efforts. The best real estate content writing knows what it wants to say, and to whom it wants to say it. Developing a content strategy that is uniquely suited to your brand’s audience and goals is key for maximizing impact and getting visible results, fast. Good writing convinces where poor writing confuses. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider investing your time and resources in a professionally tailored content strategy.


Establish and maintain a consistent voice for your brand.

Let’s face it, you’re busy. Being a Realtor® involves a constant balancing act of sales and marketing, and all it takes is one extra task to throw off this carefully maintained equilibrium. Keeping up a steady stream of quality content is a huge time commitment for real estate professionals, and when paired with an already jam-packed work schedule, this can lead to rushed writing that doesn’t communicate effectively with its audience. Worse yet, it can be tempting to delegate this responsibility to a colleague or multiple colleagues who have little or no knowledge of what makes content writing work. Inconsistent content is almost worse than no content at all, as it misrepresents your business and confuses potential clients as to what you’re trying to get across and how you communicate it. Trusting a professional to take care of your real estate content writing allows you to release engaging content that regularly generates leads and empowers your client base with information that matters to them.


Topics your audience cares about get better results.

It can be hard to even know where to begin when planning a content strategy for you real estate business. You may have expert knowledge of your target housing market and the general real estate knowledge that affects them, but keeping up with trends and knowing when to communicate certain topics can be a difficult task, even with unlimited time at your disposal. The goal of every communication your business releases should ultimately be to generate sales, and a timely blog post or social media advertisement is sure to get more responses than one that isn’t relevant to your audience. Professional content strategists have advanced knowledge of current trends in real estate marketing, and use proven data to design content that hits all the right notes.


Tap into a whole range of advertising mediums.

Top Realtors® know that the more formats you use to advertise your real estate business, the more leads you’ll end up generating. Effective content marketing isn’t just a few Facebook posts a month, but should include a whole host of mediums you may have never thought to make use of. 57% of business owners have seen sales generated directly from their blogs alone, making the constant upkeep a worthwhile pursuit if you’re looking to boost your bottom line. Email newsletter campaigns are similarly effective, with those who use them regularly seeing up to a 760% increase in revenue. Content writing extends to your brand’s business website as well, and it’s easy to underestimate how much of an effective a well-crafted landing page can have on your brand reputation and sales. With nearly everything moving online, you can rest assured that every potential client who so much as considers your services will take a long, hard look at your website before taking action. Greeting them with warm and engaging content that truly represents your business is key. There’s nothing worse than a few canned paragraphs that don’t actually say anything about you or your business. Professional content writing can help bolster your efforts in all of these formats, giving you a voice that engages and creates opportunities with readers.


Grow your reputation as an industry leader.

This is your chance to demonstrate your expert knowledge of the real estate industry. Distilling your years of experience into easily digestible content that’s easy to understand shows deep understanding and a willingness to share it with others. Working with a team of professional writers allows you to translate this information into formats that appeal to the parts of your audience that need to see it the most. Whether or not you think of yourself as a great writer, there are nuances to writing for advertising that may be lost on the average would-be marketer. Including customized calls-to-action and writing in a way that is easily understandable yet inspires action is an art that’s often best left to the pros. Investing in content writing for a specific project; or, better yet, a long-term content strategy that continues to pay dividends to your business, is a smart move for any Realtor® looking to grow their audience and convert high-quality leads.


Looking for assistance with your real estate content writing? Click here to get in touch and start developing a comprehensive content strategy that works for you and your business.




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