How important is website speed?

Are you aware that most people are not willing to even wait for just 2 seconds for a website to load and open? This is how important it is to have a fast loading website for Realtors®. If your website takes a long time to open, you can easily lose business to your competitors due to low website speed.

If you want to know how the speed of a website affects a business, you should now that it adversely affects user experience, the ranking of the website, and consequently the number of visitors, conversions, and sales of a company.


Slow websites create a bad first impression on visitors

Do you know that the first impression is created by not the beauty and features of a website but how fast it opens? No matter how good a website you have, your prospective clients will prefer to leave it in favour of websites of your competitors if it takes a long time to load. You can imagine what happens when the first impression on your visitors casts a negative light on your brand and website quality. They make an instant judgment about the quality of your service without even experiencing it. On the contrary, visitors believe your service is professional if they find that your website is opening at a lightning speed. Can you afford to disappoint your visitors with the slow speed of your website?


You can lose out on a substantial amount of traffic

According to a finding, nearly 40% of users abandon a website if it takes a long time to load. If you are having 10000 visitors to your website every month, you can lose out on almost 4000 visitors who could turn out to be your customers. Just imagine the kind of loss your business suffers on account of a slow website.


Google does not like slow websites

Another result of a slow website is a poor search engine ranking. Google loves speed and its mission is to make the web super fast for the users. Google considers the load speed of a website when giving it a ranking. This means you can suffer in terms of visibility when your website is slow. With a poor ranking, your target group of customers will find it difficult to see the website on Google and other search engines. This is bad for your business as your prospective customers will go to the websites of your competitors.


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