How to get your home sold for a premium price

How to sell your home successfully at a high desired asking price?

It is all sellers’ dream to secure maximum profit with a quick turnaround so they can invest in their goals for the future. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The process is subjected to market dynamics and trends, and the condition of the house itself.

All buyers enter the market with a perception of how their dream house must look like and what amenities it must offer. However, this does not mean you cannot hope to fetch a high asking price for your home. You need to capture the attention of the buyers and work towards making your home attractive and desirable for them. Here are some ways in which you can sell your home at top dollar.


Home Staging

You need to do a deep cleaning of your house before putting your home on the market. Clean all surfaces, furniture, appliances, walls, doors, and windows to remove all kinds of stains. Fix broken glasses, light fixtures, and faucets. Replace old curtain s with new ones in bright shades. Declutter your home by getting rid of all unnecessary items. Create an ample living space to allow visitors to get the impression of a large house. Remove large, unwieldy furniture items and move them temporarily to a rented place if possible.  Improve the curb appeal of your property to create a beautiful impression on your visitors. You can read the advantages of home staging here.


Set the asking price right to sell your home on profit

Setting the asking price right may sound contrary to the objective of fetching a high price for your home. But you can easily scare a large number of price-sensitive buyers if you set the asking price higher than the fair market value of your home. Asking price should be such that your home appears to be a bargain value to your potential buyers. You can arrive at the fair market value of your house in consultation with your Realtor® who has the comp data available. Set the asking price slightly less than this fair market value to catch the attention of large numbers of potential buyers. You will find that these interested buyers will start a bidding war, and you may end up getting offers over and above the market price of your home.


Choose your Realtor® wisely.

Your Realtor® is the most important person who can make it possible to sell your home successfully at a high asking price. Select your Realtor® wisely after checking on popularity, referrals, credentials, and experience in your housing market. Do not fall prey to hobby Realtors® claiming to sell your house at a high price. Also, stay away from Realtors®, who are ready to lower their commission to get a chance to be your listing agent. Half the work is done ff you can find a good quality Realtor® who is honest, reliable and experienced.


Carry out minor repairs

Your Realtor® is aware of the kind of features buyers are looking for in their dream homes. Follow suggestions and carry out repairs that are necessary for making your home attractive and desirable for potential buyers. However, do not overspend as there is no limit to what you can spend on upgrades. You will not be able to recover all the money spent on improvement. Carry out cosmetic repairs that are inexpensive and also enhance the value of your home.


Make the home feel warm and inviting.

Cleaning your home is often not enough to entice your potential buyers. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to make your home stand out from the rest. Making your home stand out can be achieved with the help of a professional staging company. They will make use of unique furniture items and other tools to prepare your home and make it appealing, warm, and inviting for your visitors.


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