How to Set New Real Estate Records in 2019

Set New Real Estate Records Next Year | How to Increase your Results

A new year means a fresh opportunity for Realtors® to grow their results and set new Real Estate Records going forward. Wherever your business is at, a cohesive and well thought out marketing strategy can make all the difference in reaching new clients and convincing them of the unique value your services offer. Here, we’ll go through a few simple but effective ways your business can expand its reach and create new leads.



A strong marketing strategy helps your customers understand why your product/service is different and superior to your competitor’s. It aims to put your business in the best possible light while increasing awareness of your company in a highly competitive market. Executed correctly, a marketing strategy establishes a clear and concise Unique Value Proposition and communicates it to potential clients in a way that is appealing and easily digestible. Lets take a look at some of the tools you can add to your company’s marketing strategy:

  1. Logo / Branding:
    Your brand is the ‘big picture’ idea that ties together every aspect of your communication strategy, as well as the unique identity of your products, people and services. Clear and effective branding shows you have the marketing know-how to
  2. Websites:
    Your website is the public face of your real estate business online. It is an extremely important tool for providing vital information about your business, and provides crucial communication channels between you and your clients. Designed properly, your website should
  3. Direct Mailers:
    Direct mail is a marketing element that aims to drive new prospects to a landing page. If designed correctly, it can increase your number of customers significantly by providing them with actionable information that they want to engage with.
  4. Business Cards:
    Handing out a business card is often the first impression people receive of your business, so it’s important to capture what you want to represent about yourself and your business.
  5. SEO:
    Your company’s website looks great, but it’s not receiving the traffic you’d hoped for. To draw potential clients to your website, you need full-proof SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services that are not just effective but sharp enough to put you ahead of your competitors.



An elevator pitch is a brief and well-structured speech aimed to sell yourself, your business or your product in a short time frame (usually 60 seconds). In the increasingly fast-paced world we live in, people can’t afford to waste time on unnecessary details. Frankly, they want to know what you offer, why it’s special, and how fast you can get it done. Design a persuasive speech that focuses on all the critical information you are trying to communicate, and clients will respond positively.



It is no secret that the number of referrals your business gets will dramatically affect your bottom line. Unlike other marketing techniques, referrals come at no cost to your company, and the growth is exponential, as more clients equals more opportunity for referrals. What can your real estate business do to inspire confidence in customers and boost the chances of them providing a referral? Here are some Techniques that you can use to boost your referrals today.



Sometimes the best marketing strategy is the most basic of them all. Knock on doors, pick up the phone and put in the hard work. At the end of the day, clients will always respect hard work and a hands-on approach.


Follow these few steps, and we guarantee the next year will be a year to remember.


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Emile L’Eplattenier

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