How YouTube can help in increasing traffic to your Realtor website

How to Use YouTube for Your Real Estate Marketing?

There are many tools and techniques that allow you to develop a dynamic and consistent digital branding strategy. One of these and perhaps the most important these days is YouTube. It is the largest video sharing social media site in the world. Many people believe YouTube is there to watch video clips of movies, shows, and dance videos only. However, the reality is that this social media platform has become the most important marketing platform for marketers in diverse industries, those in the real estate industry. Here are some important ways in which you can make use of YouTube for the marketing of your real estate business.

There are experts who would tell you that if you are not using YouTube to market your real estate business, you are missing the bus. Realtors® who have come to know about this secret is diverting a huge amount of traffic to their websites and closing more than twice as many deals than Realtors® who are still away from YouTube. You would be surprised to know that more than half of the home buyers make use of YouTube for carrying out their house hunt. This is a clear indication that if you are not using this social media platform to show off your listings to your prospective customers, you are losing out on lots of business that could easily come your way.


Geotagging attracts search engines

The important thing to remember is that YouTube is owned by Google. This means that the search terms people use to reach websites of Realtors® also show them relevant YouTube videos. By optimizing your YouTube videos, you can make sure that anyone searching for a Realtor® in your housing market gets to see your videos on a browser. For this, you need to Geotag your videos. This enables geographical coordinates of your business location to be tagged along with your videos. It means that Google and other search engines find it easy to pick your videos whenever someone searches with keywords you have used in them.

Once you have attracted visitors to your video on YouTube, it is easy to provide them with all the necessary information about your name, address, and phone number. Just insert these details in one place or another inside the video and you are done. You can also include a script containing these details.


Include the link to your business website

The most important task for you is to include the link of your website inside the YouTube video. While the link is given in the description, it makes sense to place it inside the video also to allow visitors to click on the link to go to your website. This is because many visitors do not have the time and effort to copy-paste the URL from the description to search for your website in their browser.


Choose a very captivating title for your video

The first thing that visitors see when they click on your video is the title. Make sure your title is interesting and engaging for them so that they are compelled to stay there for a few seconds to watch the video. Arouse the curiosity of the visitors by using adjectives like stunning, breathtaking, mesmerizing, etc. Do not forget to include keywords in the description of the video.


Embed video on your business website

Once your video is ready and posted on your YouTube channel, click on it and choose the share option to embed it on your realty website. This will allow visitors to go to your YouTube channel and subscribe to it. The next important task for you is to share this video on all social media platforms. This will allow all your friends and followers to get access to this video without having to visit YouTube.

Once your video is everywhere, you can expect organic traffic on your website to grow manifold. It will get diverted from not just YouTube but also various social media sites where you have placed your videos. You Tube not only gets huge exposure for your listings but also increases traffic on your business website. It is one social media giant that has helped many Realtors® to take their business to new heights of success. You can replicate their success easily by marketing your videos on YouTube.

Of course, it is not easy to make videos that are perfect in terms of script and picture and audio quality in the beginning. However, you can start by making videos with your DSLR and learn from your mistakes to create stunning videos for your customers. To sustain the interest of your followers, make sure to post a video every few days or at least once a week.


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