Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Direct Mail

Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Direct Mail

Direct mail should not be an overlooked tool. If used correctly, direct mail can be an effective marketing tool that can dramatically increase the Realtor® leads to your business. We are going to go through some critical steps to consider when designing your direct mail marketing strategy.



Knowing who your target audience is critical for all forms of marketing. Not only can you tailor your direct mail design appropriately, but you can also ensure the right individuals receive the information. You are able to obtain lists of your prospective customers from list brokers who sell contact details for different groups/classes of people.


Direct Mail


There are key things you need to consider when designing your direct mail:

  1. Use headlines that grab attention:
    You only have a matter of seconds to grab somebody’s attention before it is discarded. This means you need to have a headline that draws attention and portrays your message clearly.
  2. Use of colours and design:
    Graphic design is a crucial part of all marketing strategies. You need a piece that stands out, is eye-catching, while portraying your brand and image.
  3. Make your direct mail usable:
    The longer your audience views your direct mail, the greater the chance it will result in future customers. Add a calendar with key dates or a section where they can keep notes. Anything to increase their viewing time will help your marketing strategy significantly.



The majority of companies see direct mailing as a one-off ad hoc exercise, sending only one direct mail item. Send multiple pieces with each marketing campaign to increase your results. As long as each mailing sequence you do is profitable you should continue mailing letters until the last step is no longer profitable.



Keep a lookout for any marketing material you like the design of and is eye-catching. If you keep a collection of marketing material you like the look of, it will be easier to design your own when the time comes.



It is crucial to record your costs to ensure the total benefit of your direct mail outweighs the cost. If you are incurring more costs then you are producing leads and sales, then your direct mail marketing approach needs to be adjusted. A great way to measure your leads from your direct mail is to include different contact information. This could be a different phone number or a different contact name. Try numerous methods and record your data correctly. This will ensure you pick the right marketing method and increase your chance of success.



The final and one of the most important is to be efficient. Don’t be the ones licking, stamping and writing on your direct mail. You have better ways to be spending your time. There are a number of automated systems you can utilize that does all this for you while recording all the data you require. Try click2mail or yellowlettermail.


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