Internal material every successful Real Estate company must offer

Internal Material Every Successful Real Estate Company Must Offer

If you are running a realty company with a considerable number of employees, you need to be able to provide comprehensive internal real estate material to provide them with information about your company. More than just concrete information like guidelines and perks of working for you, internal materials give your team a sense of what your company stands for and the general spirit in which you operate. Even though your prospective clients are not privy to this print material, it serves as highly effective internal marketing material for your realty company. Here is some brief information about each of the guides and booklets that you should be ready to provide your employees.


Sales associate program guide

You desire to do more business in your chosen housing market. For this, you need to recruit agents who can work effectively as your sales associates, carrying forward your company’s ideals and vision in every interaction they have. This sales associate program guide outlines the benefits of joining your company and the kind of exposure a real estate agent can get in the real estate industry. Tell them how they can carve a successful and rewarding career in the field of real estate by joining your realty company. This guide should entice aspiring Realtors® to take advantage of the experience, skills, and the atmosphere that they will enjoy upon entering your team. This guide should give detailed information about on the job training, study material, and other facilities that will be provided by the company. By learning about what your sales associate program can do in terms of their career and skills development, you can surely attract talented agents and sales associates for your company.


Prospecting around your listings

Prospecting around your listings is a handy guide for your real estate agents. You must have a few properties sold for your clients in the past. You can use these listings to generate more leads and potential clients in the neighbourhood by sending your sales associates to talk with homeowners. This guide tells them how to venture into a community and knock at the doors of homeowners and introduce themselves. While some of them would not be interested in talking, there would also be many who would listen to the details of your listing and its sale price. Your agents should be able to create an excellent impression with their communication skills and leave a good impact on the homeowners they approach. The information provided in this guide can be used by your agents and sales associates to demonstrate the professionalism and expertise of your company. Make a map of around 50 homes near your listing and ask your associates to approach the homeowners armed with all the details given in the guide. This guide can assist your agents in quickly generating new leads and listings.


Benefits of working with your firm

Every new agent joining your realty company is most interested in knowing what benefits the agent can expect after working for the company. The facilities and perks the agent will get in exchange for the services are the biggest motivators for them. You should create a guide that enumerates all the benefits that are available to anyone who joins your realty company. This guide should include not just the resources provided by the company but also the administrative support, amenities, and other perks that an employee will receive if the agent works for your company. Let readers know they will not only receive a decent salary but also stand to get a handsome commission for the sales achieved with their help. Make sure this guide is realistic and contains only those benefits that employees will get from the company.


Marketing benefits

Tell your future employees how they will receive flyers, market reports, pre-listing kits, and all other marketing material that will make their job easier.  Marketing is the backbone of the real estate industry, and your guide should be able to drive home the point that your company is standing behind every single employee when it comes to training and marketing.


Staff amenities

Let your employees know what they will get in the form of facilities as a staff member. For example, this may include all the amenities in the office like kitchen, coffee machine, oven, tea, BBQ, biscuits, sauce, ice, dishwasher, hot water, and so on. The more amenities you can provide your staff members, the more interested and motivated they are to put forth their best work for the company every day.


Training resources

All employees are concerned about the level of training they will receive upon joining a realty company. With a specifically oriented guide, you can easily inform new hires of all the training related resources that will be available to them, inspiring confidence and motivating them through the early stages of their journey with your company. Here, you can mention all of the various tutorials, videos, and documents you’ve prepared to alleviate your employees’ concerns and ease them into a successful  transition to your company.


Unique features of the company

Don’t forget to highlight what makes your company special. This can be anything from the lengths you take to cultivate an incredible team culture, the latest technologies you possess, mentoring, weekly property guides, a respected and highly-skilled leadership team, and so on. Emphasize that only YOUR real estate company can offer this unique selling point, whatever that may be.


Scripts when dealing with potential clients

Scripts are an essential support material for all your agents and sales associates working in the field. New and aspiring agents do often don’t know how to address sets of questions in different ways to gather information from prospects, often seeming unsure of themselves at first. This guide gives them the know-how to steer the conversation towards information that may be important to generate business from leads and potential clients. The purpose of calling potential buyers is to know more about their motivation and current situation. This guide should contain scripts that your agents should follow to collect this information from the potential clients. The texts contain vital probing questions for your conversations with potential clients. These scripts prove invaluable to new agents as they learn how to gather relevant information from the clients, allowing them to secure many more leads and listings for your realty company.

Sales success guide

A sales success guide is essential for any realty company. It explains the vision and mission of the company and tells agents and sales associates about the beliefs and values that they should stand for. The sales success guide should contain details of the sales associate program. Designed to ensure the success of all agents working for your realty company. Let the readers know how a rewarding career in the real estate industry is waiting for them through the skills and experience that the readers would gain by working in your company. Tell them how working with a top-performing realty company would help them in taking their career forward. Let your agents know that you will provide them with the best of training and technology in addition to all the help and support that they need to achieve the desired results for the company.


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