Is advertising Real Estate in Magazines pointless_

Is advertising real estate in magazines pointless?

It comes as no surprise that nearly all home buyers start their house hunt through online platforms. With fast, easy, and cheap access to the internet and with all people having smartphones in their hands, it has become easy for Realtors® to reach out to their potential group of clients through digital advertising.

In a scenario like this, it is pertinent to ask if it is worth advertising in print media. But when you look around yourself in newspapers and magazines, you find giant advertisements given by Realtors® to entice their customers. It shows that print advertising is not a thing of the past, and it is still used by large numbers of Realtors® to catch the attention of their customers.


It is less competitive than online advertising

In times when every Realtor® is trying to reach out to massive numbers of clients on the web, you will find that print advertising is less crowded, as you content with fewer Realtors®. Making this is beneficial for you when you choose some real estate magazines to publish your advertisements. Of course, the readership of these magazines is limited and restricted to a geographical area. Still, you can rest assured that the readers see your ads and get a lasting impression about your business.


You can easily portray the lifestyles the properties offer

Every single property connotes a unique lifestyle that can easily be portrayed with the help of beautiful images. With a glossy page of the real estate magazine in hands, readers can visualize your properties and the lifestyle portrayed by them in a deeper and more meaningful manner than it is possible through online advertising. These advertisements also establish you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agent in the minds of all those who see them.


Advertisement in a real estate magazine is excellent for brand identity

There is this special feeling going through the minds of readers when they are flipping the glossy pages of a real estate magazine. They are inclined to look at the advertisements more closely and absorbing all the details than they do when they see ads on a website or a social media platform. Readers are highly impressed with these ads and consider them as genuine in comparison to online advertisements that are often misleading and made up. It has become difficult for people to believe in online ads, while ads in real estate magazines are considered sincere and legitimate.


They encourage engagement at a deeper level

Most people are irritated when they have seen a bombardment of real estate offers and ads in their emails and other online platforms. They hardly pay attention to advertisements placed by Realtors® on realty websites, whereas they take an interest in beautiful ads in real estate magazines. People pick up magazines in their spare time and go through articles and advertisements rather than just taking a glance, which is the case when they are browsing the web. People read printed ads for a long time, and they carry a lasting impression of these ads.


Real estate ads in magazines have longevity

If you see an advertisement about a property when surfing the web, you hardly remember it. Even if you try to go back to the ad to know more about the same property, you find that it is gone or taken off. On the other hand, advertisements in real estate magazines last a very long time, providing long term exposure for your properties.


They compliment online marketing efforts very well

Realtors® today are aware of the dominance of online platforms in terms of reach and exposure in front of their audiences. They spend lots of money on online advertising and social media. It is when their potential clients see their ads in print media that they consider the business of these Realtors® as genuine and legitimate. As such, advertising in real estate magazines is a significant asset for Realtors® as it lends legitimacy to their business. Their marketing efforts get a big boost when their potential customers see their ads in real estate magazines.


It is perfect for selling luxury properties

Online advertising doesn’t prove very useful in marketing luxury properties. For high-end properties, you need to take the help of advertisements in real estate magazines. Glossy ads in branded magazines are essential in selling luxurious properties, as they have a reach and exposure in front of large numbers of high net worth investors.


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