Is there any point to investing in Hoarding

Is it worth investing in real estate hoarding to advertise?

If you are running a business, you know the importance of visibility in terms of brand positioning. For instance, if your business involves selling products over the internet, then you should have a high profile in front of your targeted consumer audience.

The same principle applies to any business that is localized in nature and has a limited area of operation. If your business caters to a small population over a small geographical area, advertising on the internet is not as effective as outdoor advertising. One of the best ways of outdoor advertising is to make use of hoardings or billboards to catch the attention of potential customers. As you step out of your home in your city, you see large hoardings carrying advertisements of different companies.


Hoardings create a lasting impression

Hoardings are usually put up at cross-sections and other vantage points outdoors. Their vast size is their plus point. People that pass by can’t help but catch a glimpse of the large graphics and text printed on the hoarding, even for multiple seconds at a time. The use of eye-catching graphics and bright colours on hoardings allows any business owner to covey the right message in the minds of those that pass by. Most people are highly impressed by the advertisement done through hoardings.


Promotion through hoardings is free for the people

If you advertise your business in a magazine or newspaper, it is seen by your target group of customers only when they ‘purchase’ the magazine or newspaper. In comparison, promotion through hoardings is for free and can expand your audience as potential customers see it without having to spend any money.


Viewed by a broad audience

Even though hoardings remain stationary in one place, they are seen by many people over a long period. Thus, they have a kind of longevity that is lacking in other types off advertising such as radio or television. The hoarding is seen numerous times by large amounts of people and frequently if they happen to pass by the same location.


Hoardings provide massive exposure at low prices

Hoardings in places with an enormous footfall are not ‘cheap’ by any stretch of the imagination. They seem expensive, but if you take a look at the kind of exposure your business gets through these billboards, you will soon realize that hoardings prove to be a very cost-effective tool for the marketing of your business. Other forms of print media, radio or television, can result in your promotion to be missed by a large number of your target group. Different people read different newspapers, and even if they buy the same paper, it is easy for them to ignore your advertisement.

On the other hand, it is impossible for anyone passing by not to see the giant billboard carrying your advertisement. Hoarding is powerful as it demands and gets the attention of the passersby and hence the best form of outdoor advertising for any kind of business.


Hoardings are time tested and a proven form of outdoor advertising

If you want to create brand awareness among your target group, there is nothing better than hoardings. Hoardings are time tested, and they are known for their ability to create an excellent impression on all those who see them. Even the biggest companies like Nike, Coca Cola, Apple, and Samsung advertise heavily through hoardings as they know this form of advertising is highly effective. If you want to take your brand to the people, hoardings prove to be the most effective form of outdoor advertising.


Hoardings complement other marketing efforts

Hoardings gain exposure for the business and to establish a strong identity for the products and services of a company.  You can also make use of hoardings to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts by displaying links on them. Companies have realized that the most significant impact of billboard advertising takes place when they combine this form of advertising with ads in print media and television.


Larger than life image

There is no other type of advertisement that can even come close to the larger than life image of hoardings. Large format printing has made it possible to print large photos of products and human beings to create a big impression on all that pass by. Outdoor advertising, with the help of hoardings, can generate a buzz around your business. It can establish a brand identity that is not as possible through other types of advertising. For a localized business with a limited area of operation, hoardings can quickly spread the word among targeted audience groups. It is equally suitable for large multinational companies.


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