Successful Listing Presentation

Ultimate Tips for a Successful Listing Presentation

The Ultimate Listing Presentation

There are just three elements of a listing presentation to focus on:

  1. The meet-and-greet.
  2. The presentation itself.
  3. The content you provide.


The Meet-and-Greet

So exactly how important is meeting the potential client compared to your actual listing presentation? Well according to Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 rule of personal communication, 55% of our communication is our body language; 38% is the voice and tone we use, and only 7 percent is the content choose to speak.

So, how do we improve our nonverbal communication? Easy! There are seven key elements to creating a personal connection.


Don’t just think about what you’re going to say next, actually listen to what your client is saying and respond accordingly. People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.


Match your voice and body language to your client. This will relax them and make them feel more comfortable and connected to you.


Adjust your posture. Slouching shows that you are not interested in what your client is saying. Your body movement is also important, for example swinging your leg back and forth tells your clients you’re bored and uninterested.


Be real! People can tell if you’re faking it. They want to do business with you, not who you think they want to do business with.

Facial Expressions:

Your facial expressions convey your emotions. Offer a smile when talking to your potential client. It creates an atmosphere with warmth and friendliness, allowing others to feel comfortable.

Eye contact:

Establish eye contact, when you make direct eye contact it shows you’re interested in what they are saying. It tells them that you are confident in what you are presenting.


As you have them give you a tour of their home, try to create a common bond by finding shared interests. For example, use their pictures to talk about passions and hobbies.


Listing Presentation


The presentation itself

The Listing Presentation can be broken down into what I like to call the ‘IPA’ (and no my friends I’m not talking about a type of beer).

I.) Impress:
Nothing says you are the right Realtor® to sell their home like a listing presentation that looks the part. You are probably one of many Realtors® they are interviewing so you want to make a strong impression that lasts. If you want to be taken seriously by someone selling a million-dollar home then never cut costs. From the presentation’s layout and design to the quality of the paper, make sure you have the best.

P.) Property Knowledge:
Look into the history of the property, tax assessment, zoning, liens and even if there are any future plans for the area. Make sure you know the local schools, proximity to transportation and something about the architecture of the home or building.

A.) Accurate Market Data:
The vendor will more than likely know what neighbouring houses sold for and think their home is worth more. Research the market, the more you know, the better prepared you are to recommend a listing price and be able to back it up. You also need to convey what kind of market they are selling in. Is it a buyer’s market, seller’s market or a flat market? You will need to have data on recent sales in the area, expired and cancelled listings and the average days on the market.


The content you provide

As you present your listing presentation you need to remember what the seller is thinking:

  • How much you are going to sell their house for.
  • How long will it take to sell it?
  • When do they get their money?


If you are using a generic listing presentation from your broker then your current presentation is probably 90% about you and 10% about selling the home. I suggest slightly levelling the ratio. Here is a table of contents that I highly recommend for a listing presentation:

  • Introduction
  • Testimonials
  • Our guarantee to you
  • Who we are / about Broker
  • Marketing plan
  • Comparable market analysis
  • Preparation for showing
  • Stage to sell
  • Home selling process
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Active & sold listings
  • Contracts
  • Opinion of value

Your job is to create a relationship of trust, respect, and collaboration where your client feels supported to make the best decision possible and yes… that decision is to sign your listing agreement.


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