Newspaper Advertising For Real Estate - Is It Worth It?

Newspaper Advertising For Real Estate – Is It Worth It?

Realtors® the world over have been relying on newspapers to advertise their services since the dawn of the industry. While print media may have waned in popularity over the years, this certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not an effective marketing medium. While readership may have declined in some demographics, newspaper advertising continues to be an extremely cost-effective avenue for your print marketing, and real estate professionals would do well not to ignore it when planning their advertising budget.


A hidden opportunity?

Looking at the numbers, it’s easy to see why so many Realtors® opt to ignore newspapers when planning their marketing budget. While upwards of 90% of homebuyers use the internet at some point in their search, just 25% of this same group will rely on the tried-and-true newspaper. While this reflects a changing world and signals a huge paradigm-shift in the way we carry out business, it’s hard to completely write-off 25% of your potential client base. Savvy agents know it’s in their best interest to reach as many potential leads as possible through their advertising. Particularly if there’s little competition within a medium, it may be time to look into expanding your marketing campaign.

Once you’ve crunched the numbers and decided that newspaper advertising is the right solution for your business, it’s time to decide where you’ll broadcast your services. Every housing market has an abundance of publications with their own unique readership and reach. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on options within both Vancouver and Toronto, since this is where the majority of our audience does business.


Real estate newspaper advertising in Vancouver:


The Vancouver Sun

One of the original news publications in Vancouver, The Sun has long maintained its strong readership, even with present factors seeing a decline in attention pretty much across the board. As recently as 2015, it was circulating over 130 000 copies a day, making it one of the more widely read daily newspapers in the country. In a highly competitive market like Vancouver, this is simply too large of a number for Realtors® to ignore. Its broad and diverse audience ranges from everyone from potential first-time homebuyers to the city’s elite investors, and with a focused strategy in mind, savvy real estate professionals can easily reach all of these demographics at a fraction of the cost of more sought-after marketing mediums.


The Province

Another popular news publication in British Columbia is the Province. A little known fact is that while they have their own distinct voice and readership, the Province and the Sun have actually shared offices since 1958 and are now owned by the same parent company. However, these two heavy-hitters in BC’s news scene each have their own loyal readership and it’s definitely worth taking the time to evaluate which of them is the best home for your real estate newspaper advertising.


Real estate newspaper advertising in Toronto:


The Toronto Star

Toronto is Canada’s most populated urban centre, and it stands to reason that its newspapers would have a larger readership as such. Still, the Star’s daily circulation of over 300 000 copies is downright impressive, even when looking at the bigger picture. Toronto Realtors® will know that consistently getting leads in one of the hottest markets in the country is no easy task. Evaluating the effectiveness of newspaper advertisements and how they can benefit your business is definitely worth your while, and the Star is a great place to seek space in.


The Globe and Mail

Another icon of Canadian news reporting, The Globe and Mail is published in 5 cities across Canada but finds its headquarters and principle readership in Toronto. This is another excellent option for those looking to reach more leads as it is one of the most widely read papers in Canada.



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