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Open Houses Can be a Wonderful Marketing Opportunity For You

As a Realtor®, you leave no stone unturned to promote your business and make use of every opportunity that comes your way. From your own website and social media accounts to advertisements in realty websites, you use every channel to reach out to potential buyers and sellers. But have you ever thought that the innocuous-looking, old school method of open houses can also be a wonderful marketing opportunity for you?

An open house is an exercise of showing the house on sale to as many as possible potential buyers as possible. The day and timing of the open house are advertised, and everyone is invited to see the house from the inside. Guests are also offered tea and snacks and the aim of the exercise is to spread the word around about the sale of the house. In rare cases, open houses also lead to the sale of the house. You can use an open house to market yourself as a Realtor® while helping your client in receiving visitors and informing them about the property.


1. Treat every guest as a potential client

Not everyone attending an open house is going to buy or sell a property in the near future. But the fact that they have come is a sign that they are curious to see the house and its price. As a Realtor®, you should be ready with your business card to introduce yourself to all the guests. Get contact details of those showing interest in the house and also those who say they are looking for a house in the near future. You can easily get many leads from the visitors to your open house.


2. Make your guests feel at home

Many open houses prove to be unsuccessful because visitors do not get the right kind of atmosphere inside the house. Be there along with the owner to welcome the visitors and to offer them tea and snacks to put them at ease. Start casual conversations with them while showing the features of the house. This will make the visitors feel a bit relaxed and they will slowly open up on the subject of buying or selling. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself as a reliable and experienced Realtor® who can help them in their real estate endeavours.


3. Strategy for the neighbours

Many Realtors® are disappointed to find that a vast majority of the visitors to the open house are the neighbours and those living down the road. There is no need to feel bad if the bulk of the guests are neighbours as even they are strangers to you as a Realtor®. These neighbours come out of curiosity and usually do not plan to buy or sell in the future. But you can get referrals from these people and their friends when they need services of a Realtor®.


4. Request feedback from the guests

One way to get future leads for you is to ask for feedback from every guest before the guest leaves. Get their answers on the pricing and features of the house. You can always follow up on these guests if you secure their contact details during an open house.


5. Stream open houses live on your Facebook account

This is a wonderful way of marketing yourself as a Realtor®. You can stream a walk-through to the home live on Facebook where you are showing the house to all the guests. You can also record the video and post it on Facebook later. It will drive organic traffic to your account and you can get many leads through this exercise.


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