Custom designed real estate signs are key to a potential buyer’s first impression. Signage must be unique and eye-catching, establishing your name in the neighbourhood. Be bold. To make your voice heard in the neighborhood, your signage must be eye-catching, informative, and lead to further action. Your signs must align with your brand and voice in order to attract clients who want what you have to offer. With most signage, creativity and uniqueness are lacking – this is where we come in. We take over the entire signage process, from creation to printing, complete with impactful visuals that make your voice heard.


Are you making an impression on the neighborhood? Every piece of your real estate business’s marketing materials must be designed as if it may be exposed to thousands of potential customers – this way, your advertising is as effective as can be, generating as many leads and sales possible and giving you the edge over your competition.


When it comes to signage, your signs might actually be viewed by thousands of people! Not only that, but your signs will be viewed by your target neighborhoods and audience. For this reason alone, the importance of well-designed and visually enticing signage cannot be understated. Here at Tiny Tomato Design, our team has helped real estate businesses like yours develop all types of signs that advertise your brand and establish your authority in your market.


For Sale Sign

‘For Sale’ signs are the most popular type of real estate signage, and for good reason – they are directly responsible for vast amounts of revenue. A For Sale sign is the first point of contact between your real estate business and a client. This type of sign should effectively capture the attention of potential buyers, especially those who are house hunting in the neighborhood.Our design team can help you with customized For Sale sign designs to make your property and your business logo stand out to passersby. From the theme to the fonts to the color palettes to the content strategies and visual detailing, it all makes a difference – we know how to make For Sale signs that generate leads and make sales.


Open House A-Frame Sandwich Boards

A-Frame signs, also called “Sandwich Boards”. A-Frame signs, more commonly known as sandwich boards, are incredibly efficient tools in a real estate business’ marketing arsenal. A well designed A-frame design will attract the right crowd to your open house, so you can do what you do best and sell. Sandwich boards are easy to set up and pack away, but that doesn’t mean great attention to detail should be taken when designing these advertising tools. We can help you design attractive and appealing open house A-frame sandwich boards to get the attention you deserve.


Directional Sign

Is there anything more frustrating than feeling lost? Driving around in a new neighborhood is always challenging, but the frustration of not being able to find one’s way can actually dissuade a potential buyer from investing in property altogether. At Tiny Tomato Design, we understand the importance of making your real estate clients feeling secure every step of the buying process, including finding the house in the first place. We can help you design comprehensive and efficient signage across the property to help potential buyers find their way so that you don’t have to. Our design team can help you make directional signs that fit seamlessly into the décor and elevate the architectural charm of any property.


Sign Rider

A sign rider is a smaller sign that accompanies a larger sign or graphic in a real estate frame. Sign riders are smaller signs that are attached to the larger for sale signs. These signs are typically placed either above the larger sign or below but have other functional purposes as well. All your real estate signage should be consistent with every piece, no matter how small or insignificant.


Condo Sign

Generate awareness and create interest for condos. Quality signage is key when it comes to marketing and promoting condos. We believe signage should have a balance of creativity and functionality, maintaining your authority and brand image. Condo signs help create awareness and spread the word about your property amongst potential buyers and tenants.


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For Sale ($99), Open House ($99), Directional ($89), Condo ($89), Riders ($45)


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