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Pros & Cons of Bus Bench, Bus Shelter, Bus Wrap Advertising

A Realtor® needs effective advertising and engaging promotion through all available channels and mediums, whether it is digital, print or word of mouth. One highly effective strategy is public transport advertising, bringing the desired results for Realtors® by gaining exposure among large numbers of new people.

Let’s talk about in specifics about bus advertising, whether it’s bus wraps that are placed on the bodies of buses and seen by people wherever these buses go or banners on bus benches and shelters where they catch the attention of all those who come to wait for buses going to their destinations. While both types of bus advertising are desirable, there are pros and cons to each.



Pros of bus bench / Shelter advertising


It is highly affordable: Compared to other forms of advertising, bus bench or bus shelter advertising is very cost-effective. The cost per ad is much less than it would be advertising on the radio, newspaper, or TV.

Place your ad at eye level: Your target group sees your advertisement on the bus bench or bus shelter at the eye level. It is very convenient for the people as they don’t need to make any effort to view the advertisement.

They target specific geographic areas: You don’t need to worry about the timing of your advertisement, as is the case with adverts in the newspaper or a podcast. Prospective clients are exposed to your ad every time they catch a bus.

The ad provides 24X7 coverage: Advertisements on a bus bench or shelter that are temporarily permanent, resulting in daily views, no matter what time. The exposure to prospective clients catching public transport is massive.



Cons of bus bench / Shelter advertising


People need to view them quickly: Besides people that use the bus stop, buses that pass by have very little time to read all the information provided to them by the business owner. It can be challenging to design ads that can create the desired impact in this limited period.

Overlapping can be confusing for customers: Often, several businesses advertise in the space available on the bus bench or shelter. It can cause overlapping, creating confusion for your customers to differentiate between advertisements.


Bus Bench Advert

Pros of bus advertising


Ability to cover a large geographical area: Bus wrapping enables the advertisement to travel. A moving advertisement provides exposure to a large geographic area.

Memorable: Despite only being viewed for a short period, if designed professionally, it will have lasting impressions of your target audience.

Massive exposure in a short amount of time: In comparison to bus stops and shelters, bus wrapping gains exposure to a large number of new people in a short time.

Bus advertising gives high ROI: Bus advertising is a beneficial form of advertising that brings desired results to the business. It does not blend in with the local scenery, as is the case with bus bench or shelter advertising.



Cons of bus advertising


It is more costly than stationary advertising: You pay more for bus advertising than idle advertising. However, it is viewed by a higher number of potential clients and covers a more significant geographical area.

You must keep in mind the bus route: If you are not aware of the bus route and the population that it covers on its journey, it is better to acquaint yourself with the demographics before paying the cost of advertising. You can quickly lose out if you spend a high fee for the bus wrapping and later find that it takes a route that is very thinly populated and not your target area.

Bus wrapping is a time-consuming exercise: If you are in a hurry, bus wrapping is not for you. It can take around a month to create a design and wrap the body of the bus with an advertisement film, whereas creating advertising on a bus bench or shelter only takes a few hours.


Bus Shelter


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