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    In advertising as a whole, being at the forefront of consumers’ minds is essential to success. This is why big corporations like Coca-Cola spend billions of dollars on every form of media they can advertise on. This is to become ‘the’ soda brand you first think of when you are thirsty – the companies who spend obscene amounts of money on brand advertising know how important it is to be ahead of competitors in the mind of consumers.


    The same goes for real estate – in fact, we’d argue that this is incredibly crucial in the competitive industry of real estate. Consumers won’t always need your services… actually, they may only need you once, when they need to buy or sell a home. Who do you think they are going to contact first when they need help from a real estate business, a brand with a strong presence in the area, or one that is not? Brand building and advertising are what separates you from your competitors, and a great method to do this is with public transport advertising.


    The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is hugely relevant in the realm of marketing. Brands and businesses need to establish and maintain a consistent presence in order to become a leader in your industry. So, creative campaigns that engage your consumer audience are not just a bonus, they are essential. It is important to make sure your consumers find you throughout their day, and public transport advertising is a fabulous medium to attract new consumers and maintain relationships with existing ones. 

    When it comes to advertising your real estate business, public transport has immense potential that most of your competitors don’t bother pursuing. Many brands don’t take public transport advertisements seriously, but those who do benefit from the engagement and power that comes from this medium. 


    We offer a variety of public transport advertising styles, including:

    Bus Bench Adverts

    Bus bench adverts are a fantastic way to build brand identity and spread the word about your business in the neighborhoods or areas you operate in.


    Prominent ads on bus benches are common, and for good reason – they work.

    Bus Shelter Adverts

    In our experience,  we’ve seen that bus shelter advertisements are an excellent way to reach consumers and improve brand positioning.


    Bus shelter adverts have the ability to reach a surprisingly large audience and are a great addition to bus bench adverts.

    Bus Exterior / Interior Adverts

    Busses travel far and wide, which means your advertising can as well.


    Bus exterior and interior advertisements allow you to advertise your business in a way that gets as many eyeballs on your brand as possible. With the right bus adverts, everywhere the bus goes, your advertisement will be effective in generating interest and leads for your business.

    Subway / Train / Rail Adverts

    Subway, train, and rail adverts are incredibly effective and have a wide reach, just like bus advertisements.

    Taxi Adverts

    Taxi adverts are a classic method used by real estate businesses to establish your brand in the areas you do business in.

    Street Car / Tram Adverts

    When street car and tram adverts are attractive, vibrant, and relatable, these advertisements are hard to ignore!

    Pedicab Adverts

    Pedicab adverts are moving billboards that have a wide reach and offer great returns.

    Airport Adverts

    If you want to target a mass amount of people and foot traffic, airport adverts are the way to do this.

    Tiny Tomato Designs can help you curate public transport ads that accomplish what they are supposed to do. Being bold, clear, and direct is the way to carve out your authoritative spot within your market and industry. 


    We work with you personally to design public transport advertisements that are effective and profitable. They are excellent opportunities to advertise events, special discounts, holiday sales, and launch parties. Public transport advertising prices start for as low as $178.

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