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The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is hugely relevant in the realm of advertising. Brands and businesses need to establish and maintain a consistent presence and roll out creative campaigns that engage their consumer audience. It is important to make sure your consumers find you throughout their day, and public transport advertising is a fabulous medium to attract new consumers and maintain relationships with existing ones. When it comes to advertising, public transport holds immense potential and the more creative your campaign, the more efficient and effective it will be. Many brands don’t take public transport advertisements seriously, but those who do enjoy immense success and brand engagement. They are an excellent opportunity to advertise events, special discounts, and holiday sales and launch parties.

Bus Bench Adverts

We can help you design bus bench advertisements, which help you reach a much wider audience, and carve out a presence for you in the industry. Being prominent and emphasizing your campaigns is the key to establishing a brand image.

Bus Shelter Adverts

We strongly believe that bus shelter advertisements are an excellent way to influence brand positioning and consumer preferences. They make sure your advertising efforts reach a large audience and present a more creative and effective alternative to billboards.

Bus Exterior / Interior Adverts

Bus advertisements are another efficient way to carve out a presence in the daily lives of your consumers. It turns your advertisements into an everyday fixture that can influence brand positioning and consumer preferences.

Subway / Train / Rail Adverts

Lastly, our train station advertisements are ideal for both, inside train ads and station ads. These advertisements are incredibly effective, and at times, even more successful than larger hoardings.

Taxi Adverts

An effective strategy to reach out to your consumers with personalized and encouraging reminders, our taxi adverts are aimed at helping brands carve out space across their relevant industries. We specialize in designing taxi adverts that help brands broaden their audience reach.

Street Car / Tram Adverts

Our streetcar/tram adverts allow brands to carve out exclusivity and flexibility as they set out to broaden their audience reach and reach out to more consumers. These attractive, vibrant, and relatable advertisements are hard to ignore!

Pedicab Adverts

Our immersive and engaging pedicab adverts can be imagined as moving billboards that offer higher returns on marketing investments. Brands who seek to reach out to a diverse consumer audience have much to gain from choosing our pedicab advertisements.

Airport Adverts

At Tiny Tomato Designs, we firmly believe that airport adverts allow prolonged exposure because people tend to more time at airports. We design airport adverts with keen attention to brand positioning and enhancing the exposure of the targeted consumer audience.

Tiny Tomato Design can help you curate public transport ads that are creative, original and have your consumers marvelling at your creativity. Get in touch with our team for a detailed consultation on your advertising agendas.




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