Real Estate Advertising Flyers - How To Find The Best Option For Your Business

Real Estate Advertising Flyers – What’s The Best Style For Your Business?

There are tons of real estate advertising flyers out there that all serve different purposes for your business. For everything from showcasing your services, highlighting recently sold properties, or providing important information about the current housing market, these flyers are essential for getting out information en masse in a way that is easily digestible and visually appealing. However, when going to design these flyers, Realtors® are often confronted with an array of formats and styles that can leave them confounded.

Many real estate advertising flyers are named simply enough. Bi-fold, tri-fold and Z-fold , for example are all easy to visualize. When you get down to the nitty-gritty though, printers and design agencies alike will often use terms like ‘french fold’, ‘double gate fold’ and ‘parallel fold’. It is less clear what these look like and what purpose they’re intended to serve. Here, we’ve tried to collect all the different flyer options agents are likely to come across, and what uses they’re suited for. Read on to find the flyer that best matches your needs!

1. Bi-fold flyers

These are one of the basic flyer types that every real estate professional should be aware of, and are pretty self-explanatory. Bi-fold flyers simply have one fold, giving you a front, back and either two middle panels or one big spread when opened. This makes it perfect for advertising a key property listing, your business’ services or any other missive that should read quickly and simply.


2. Tri-fold flyers

As the name suggests, these flyers have a total of three folds, generally opening up to a triple-panel on the inside that is PERFECT for displaying properties for an open house or as an example of the types of listings your business handles. Realtors® can also get creative and use these panels individually for whatever purposes they see fit. Tri-fold flyers are ideal for anything that requires a bit more structure, such as an introductory flyer containing an agent bio, a list of services and some key facts about your business – or for full spreads of properties.

3. Z-fold flyers

Though it has the same number of panels and folds as a tri-fold flyer, Z-Fold flyers open, well… in the shape of a Z. This still gives access to three panels where Realtors® can choose to display information, and is better at separating different categories of information where tri-folds are mainly used for the convenient full-spread.


4. French fold

French fold flyers are printed on one side only and folded twice at right angles to create a small-form material that expands into a gorgeous full-spread consisting of four equal-sized panels. This may sound confusing, but it’s the same type of fold pattern used for small maps – making it ideal for advertising open houses or anything that requires a full page to display.


5. Accordion fold

Typically offered in either 4 or 5 panels, accordion fold flyers are generally printed on one side only and folded in alternating directions to form a W-shaped spread when opened. These are good for service overviews or introductory flyers, or even to act as mini real estate pamphlets thanks to the amount of information they can hold in their pages.


6. Half-fold then tri-fold

These flyers are an excellent option for Realtors® looking to display lots of information, as they give ample space and tons of options for customization. The flyer is folded in half length-wise and then into a tri-fold, giving you a total of 6 panels when fully opened.


7. Double parallel fold

Here, the full page is folded in half, then in half again. This gives the flyer 4 identical panels to work with and leaves loads of space for your creative vision. This is great for highlighting and comparing multiple things, like new listings, while leaving a panel free for your branding and contact information – or whatever else you’d like to highlight in brochure form.

8. Roll fold

These flyers still give 4 panels to work with, but are folded in at one end then again, and again as if the page was being rolled. This is a unique way of displaying information as it leaves one panel hidden when initially opened, making it a fun way to reveal something within your brochures.


9. Gatefold

These unique flyers are printed with one larger panel in the center, and two smaller panels on either side that fold inward to meet in the center of the middle panel. This is great for capturing a grand reveal. Say you want to really dazzle your audience with a property, the outside allows you to display branding or supplementary information before opening up into a gorgeous full spread that captures the imagination.


10. Double Gatefold

Essentially, the same as a single gatefold but with the middle panel also folded in half. This can be used for the same purposes, and is unique because it can be folded and displayed on surfaces as almost a square.


Looking for assistance in bringing YOUR real estate advertising flyers to life? Click here to get in touch and start building your next marketing campaign today!


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