8 Top eBooks Realtors® should offer to their Customers

Real Estate Brochures & Guides Every Realtor® Should Offer Their Clients

Realtors® have much to gain from presenting informative guides, eBooks and brochures that empower their target audience with greater insight into the dynamics of the real estate market. These brochures and guides will be immensely helpful in attracting more leads. People love them and appreciate the efforts of the Realtors® who seek to provide them with useful information that allows them to make better informed decisions. These books are marketing tools that secretly help Realtors® while appearing on the surface a selfless action designed purely with clients’ well-being in mind. There are many advantages to these brochures besides the obvious fact that they educate people and prove useful for them.

They help a Realtor® establish a trustworthy and knowledgeable corporate image. These books prove much more useful than other mediums of advertising and customers receiving them feel compelled to click on the link of the landing page of the website of the Realtor®. Here are some of the most popular types of eBooks and guides that Realtors® are using these days.


1. Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guides are the most common type of guide given away by Realtors® to help their clients who are interested in potentially buying a property. As the name indicates, this guide contains all the vital information relevant to purchasing a property. It describes the process of buying in a step-by-step manner to answer clients’ queries and remove any nagging doubt from their minds. The primary purpose of the Realtor® with such a guide is to let prospective clients know that they can rely on professional assistance with every step of the process, making buying a property a smooth and hassle-free experience.

First-time buyers are understandably a nervous bunch, for the simple reason that they often have no idea where to start and how to go about performing all the steps. You can quickly establish yourself as an expert real estate agent by giving a comprehensive buyer’s guide to any and all interested leads.


2. Seller’s guide

Selling a property has never been an easy task. Owners face a lot of competition and need to stand out from the crowd to catch the attention of potential buyers in the market. For these uncertain owners, a seller’s guide is the ideal resource for a Realtor® to produce. A seller’s guide should detail all the steps involved in the process, along with the required documents and legal proceedings. In the end, the Realtor® must explain how they intend to solve all the problems that a seller faces when trying to sell a property.

Most listing agents have a seller’s guide that they can pass onto potential and existing clients. They know that sellers will give the responsibility of listing to a Realtor® whom they trust and believe is able to get them their desired price. You can easily win the trust and confidence of your leads by establishing yourself as a seasoned Realtor® through a seller’s guide.


3. Marketing guide

Marketing Guides are another common example of a guide given away by Realtors® as a gift to their leads. Such a guide is highly appreciated by prospective clients that are uncertain about how to approach the marketing of their property. Owners trying to sell a luxury property are very conscious about how a Realtor® would market it. They want a detailed marketing strategy from the Realtor® before signing a contract. Your potential leads will appreciate a marketing guide that spells out all the details and how you plan to sell their property. Your marketing guide should contain all the FAQs regarding the use of various marketing channels. The FAQs will help with dispelling any doubts that many owners have in their minds.


4. Divorce guide

Do not let the name of this guide surprise you. It is a fact that divorce in a household can cause problems regarding the ownership of a house between the spouses. As a Realtor®, you can help many such couples by designing a comprehensive divorce guide that explains exactly what happens when a divorce takes place in a household.  Within the guide include resolutions for disputes and ways in which the property can be divided between the spouses. You can also describe in detail how you can help the two parties through the sale of the jointly held property.


5. Downsizing guide

Downsizing is a commonly faced problem by those approaching retirement age and those who are already seniors. It becomes difficult for empty nesters to take care of the upkeep and maintenance of their often vast properties. You can help such leads by giving them a downsizing guide that explains the steps involved in this process. Your downsizing guide should answer all the questions that these leads have in their minds regarding selling the current house and buying a smaller one to save their money. Many seniors are reluctant to act because they feel buying a new, smaller house would be a challenging task for them. You can reassure such leads by letting them know that you will be a trustworthy ally throughout the downsizing process


6. Weekly property guide

Do you know how many buyers and sellers in your area of operation are looking for authentic information about properties on sale? There are plenty of investors curious to make sense of the changes in the prices of properties in different neighbourhoods and opportunities that lie within their housing markets. You can reach hundreds of your leads by providing them with a weekly property guide containing information about prices and developments that are taking place. There is a great demand for weekly property guides, and you can make the most of this demand by giving away such a guide to any potential clients. You can quickly establish yourself as an expert Realtor® in your housing market by giving relevant and up-to-date information about the real estate industry. Of course, writing a weekly property guide is not easy, and it would require keeping track of all the developments taking place in your area. But all efforts in writing a weekly property guide are worth it as your leads would appreciate it.


7. Market review

Investors and frequent buyers and sellers rely on Google to provide them with in-depth information about a market. You can help these people by writing a market review guide containing all the information about the current state of the housing market. Of course, the information you put in this guide should be current and updated so that it is useful for your readers. There is a high demand for such a guide, and you will find more leads and higher conversions if you can write a comprehensive market review guide and present it to your prospective clients.


8. Sales proposal

Sellers are always nervous while entering the listing market, and a seasoned Realtor® seeks to begin the process by putting the homeowner at ease. As a Realtor®, you can save a great deal of time and energy by creating a comprehensive and concise document that offers detailed information about the property in question. You can walk the seller through a detailed proposal of how the home can be marketed to potential buyers, setting an appropriate listing price, evolving market trends and lastly, your commission.

A sales proposal is a detailed and insightful brochure that allows you to guide the seller through the entire process and explain your personal strategy of selling a property. If you prepare this document with carefully curated content and bright infographics, the seller is bound to be impressed enough to give you the listing.


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