Real Estate Fridge Magnets that stay on the Fridge

Real Estate Fridge Magnets That Actually Get Used

The real estate business has become a very competitive and volatile industry in present times. So many Realtors® have jumped into the fray that there are more Realtors® than clients in some housing markets. These Realtors® are maximizing their efforts to catch the attention of prospective clients and use everything from SEO to digital advertising to be seen by large numbers of their target group of customers. One timeless marketing tool that has become popular among Realtors® these days is the unassuming fridge magnet. Real estate fridge magnets stay affixed to the surface of the refrigerator and remain indefinitely once the recipient decides it deserves a place on their appliance. Clients and any visitors to their homes will view the name and logo of your real estate business on every trip to the fridge, helping keep you in the minds of potential leads. Here are a few ways you can go above the generic throw-away fridge magnet and create something that will impress clients.


Metric conversion real estate fridge magnet

One of the most popular designs used by Realtors® for fridge magnets is one that includes a conversion table. Even in an age where answers to our pressing questions are readily available on any number of devices, it can still be nice to have an appealing visual to glance at when looking for a quick conversion value. If the recipient buys something in an FPS system, they can consult their metric conversion magnet to solve their problem. In order to see results from the distribution of this magnet, a Realtor® should print the name and logo of their company while ensuring they include their contact details so clients can reach out when they require your services


Yearly calendar fridge magnets

Calendars will never go out of style, and provide a useful way to keep track of any appointments or day-to-day activities, or at the very least provide a handy reference when you’re not sure what day it is. By nature they will remain in the household of the customer for one full year, ensuring that your business’ name will be at the forefront of the client’s mind for a good period of time. As a Realtor®, you can easily use these custom fridge magnets to ensure your business gets . Choose a design that allows you to have the name and logo of your realty company emblazoned at the top so that it is easily recognized by clients and their guests every time they look at the calendar.


Emergency numbers fridge calendar

Fridge magnets that contain emergency numbers of essential services like the fire department, ambulance, electricity, gas waterworks, are becoming very popular among Realtors®. When there’s an emergency incident taking place, it’s easy to forget who to call and what their number is. By printing this information on a fridge magnet, you’re not only providing insurance to clients in their time of need but also reinforcing your compassionate and reliable image. When not in use, they perform the same function as any other fridge magnet in constantly reminding clients of your business.


Business card fridge magnets

These real estate fridge magnets are beloved by Realtors® as they allow them to essentially have their business card readily visible to their customers in a high-traffic spot in their household. Many customers just toss the business card given by a Realtor® inside a drawer and then forget about it. However, when in fridge magnet form, these stay fixed on the surface of a refrigerator for a very long time, forcing Realtors® customers to look at their name and logo of the company every time they open and close the door of their refrigerator.


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