Real Estate Fridge Magnets that stay on the Fridge

Real Estate Fridge Magnets That Are Actually Used & Stay On Their Fridge

The real estate business has become a very competitive and volatile industry in present times. So many Realtors® have jumped into the fray that there are more Realtors® than clients in some housing markets. These Realtors® are maximizing their efforts to catch the attention of prospective clients and try everything from SEO to digital advertising to be seen by large numbers of the target group of customers. One marketing tool that has become popular among Realtors® these days is the innocuous-looking fridge magnet. It is affixed on the surface of the refrigerator and stays there for a very long time. Your clients and prospective clients will view the name and logo of your Realtor® on every trip to the fridge.


Metric conversion real estate fridge magnet

One of the most popular designs used by Realtors® for fridge magnets is that of metric conversion. As the name implies, these magnets carry a metric conversion table to help customers in converting quantities from one system to another. If they buy something in an FPS system, they can consult metric conversion magnet to solve their problem. To be remembered, a Realtor® should print the name and logo of their company while ensuring they include their contact details so their customers can reach out when they require a real estate transaction.


Yearly calendar fridge magnets

These fridge magnets are printed with the annual calendar with dates and days of all 12 months of a particular year. As a result, they will remain in the household of the customer for one full year, and they keep looking at the business details of the Realtor® whenever he/she wants to know the date or day. As a Realtor®, you can easily use these custom fridge magnets to promote your business for a long time to come. Choose a design that allows you to have the name and logo of your realty company in vibrant colour at the top so that it is seen by the customer every time they look at the calendar.


Emergency numbers fridge calendar

Fridge magnets that contain emergency numbers of essential services like the fire department, ambulance, electricity, gas waterworks, are becoming very popular among Realtors®. People often forget emergency numbers and do not know who to call for help during an emergency. Customers receiving these custom fridge magnets keep them affixed on their refrigerators and catch a glimpse of the business details of the Realtor® now and then.


Business card fridge magnets

These real estate fridge magnets are loved by Realtors® as they allow them to have their business card affixed on the refrigerators of their customers. Many customers just toss the business card given by a Realtor® inside a drawer and then forget about it. However, these business cards in the form of fridge magnets stay fixed on the surface of a refrigerator for a very long time, forcing Realtors® customers to look at their name and logo of the company every time they open and close the door of their refrigerator.


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