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Establish yourself as an informed investor with custom marketing material.

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    We design customized solutions for modern investors’ needs.

    Our goal is to help real estate investors make the most of their investments by giving them custom-designed marketing tools to promote their properties to renters and buyers alike.

    Real estate investors have a unique opportunity to capitalize on real estate markets that are constantly in flux. But faced with tight margins and the possibility of a long time spent on the market or looking for rental tenants, the business is often not as profitable as some may think.


    Tiny Tomato Design is here to help. With our deep knowledge of the real estate industry and our close work with professionals at all levels, we’re equipped with a host of creative solutions that will help you reach more potential buyers and grow your personal brand. If you’re just getting started and need a brand that displays the prestige of your new business, or you’re looking to stake out a claim as a seasoned investor in your area, we’ve got you covered. Investors have a lot on their plates, and advertising both yourself and your properties is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. Let us help you navigate the market with custom-designed branded materials, property marketing solutions, and anything else your business needs to stand out and get an edge in a booming housing market!

    Step Up Your Marketing And Sell More Properties

    Establish yourself as a seasoned investor with custom marketing solutions.

    Contrary to popular belief, real estate investing requires near constant attention, especially if you’ve opted to fix up a property before flipping it, or you’re choosing to rent the property, or a portion of it, to tenants. At Tiny Tomato Design, we understand the complexities facing today’s investors and have made it our mission to simplify their work by helping them dial in their marketing game and reach more potential buyers or tenants


    Every investor’s biggest fear is dumping countless hours and dollars into a property they’ve purchased only for it to sit on the market and end up commanding less money at sale than expected. Usually when this is the case, it’s through no fault of the investors but rather a lack of awareness of modern real estate marketing techniques. Should you choose to forego a listing agent, as many investors do in order to achieve maximum returns, you’re faced with an often crowded market and unwilling buyers who may be wary of what you’re offering. The goal of branding and advertising is to help you bridge this gap and sell properties faster, all while building a reputation for yourself as an informed investor worthy of your peers’ respect and your buyers’ trust.


    As with any business, much of your reputation stems from how you market yourself, and the quality of information you’re able to provide to your clients. This is widely understood amongst seasoned real estate professionals, but many investors mistakenly forego this all-important extra step. Whether you’re just beginning your career as an investor, or you’re looking to amp up your results and go toe-to-toe with the most experienced competition in your area, Tiny Tomato is here to help you scale your business’ marketing and develop a brand you can be proud of.


    We’ve built our business working with real estate professionals in Vancouver, BC, Toronto, Ontario, and even throughout Australia. Through their combined years of experience in real estate marketing, our talented team of designers and writers are able to provide your real estate investment business with everything from website design and implementation, to branded social media post templates, full-scale branding revamps and so much more! No matter your investment experience, your business needs to carry an air of prestige, and we’d be thrilled to help you build a brand and marketing strategy that will establish you as a top name in your local real estate market.

    Make yourself memorable!

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