Real Estate Marketing in BC - What's The Best Magazine To Advertise In?

Real Estate Marketing in BC – What’s The Best Magazine To Advertise In?

Real estate marketing in BC is a constant battle to establish your brand amidst an increasingly competitive market. New and experienced Realtors® alike are vying for leads using any means possible, as ultimately clients will generally choose the first agent that wows them with their image and services. With this in mind, real estate professionals would do well to advertise as much and as often as their marketing budget allows. Once you’ve enlisted a professional graphic design team to create a visually stunning brand, it’s time to put that brand out in the world however you can. One creative way of doing this is by advertising your business in dedicated real estate magazines.

Real estate magazines are a great tool for Realtors® looking to establish themselves, or who simply want more leads. Regardless of your unique goals, these magazines are great as you can be certain that nearly everyone reading through them already has real estate on their mind. Whether they’re already in the process of buying or selling a home, or are just looking for ideas, these are invaluable leads to reel in, as they’re more likely to seek immediate action and follow up with you, should your branding and pitch catch their eyes. Thankfully, British Columbia has TONS of options for magazines you can advertise in. Here’s a bit about each one and how it can help you grow your business.


Western Living Magazine

Western Living is a popular magazine covering everything to do with life on the West Coast. From food & beverage to architecture, this magazine constantly draws readers looking for advice on all things home and real estate. With a dedicated real estate section, this is a great place to advertise your services or a specific listing you’d like to highlight. Since it’s geared directly to Vancouver residents or those looking to buy in the area, you’re sure to catch the attention of those most interested in the services of a real estate professional.


Reader’s Digest Canada

Reader’s Digest Canada is a timeless magazine beloved by millions across the country. Readers consistently turn to its pages and website for creative solutions and new ideas for all things related to the home and nearly everything else to do with the country we call home. While it draws attention from readers looking for all sorts of things, it’s primarily geared towards cooking, gardening and home decor, amongst other things, making it a great choice for advertising a real estate business.


House & Home Magazine

House & Home is another Canadian staple for anyone dreaming about moving or looking to upgrade what they already have. As such, it’s the perfect place for real estate marketing in BC. Its timeless elegance and sleek website lend credibility to your business, and are the perfect place to draw in leads who are already filled with excitement about potential homeownership or finding a space to make their own.


Realtor® Magazine

Though it’s geared primarily towards Realtors® and real estate professionals, Realtor® magazine is still a great way to advertise your business, as many potential clients look to its pages for insider insights and to stay on top of current trends. There’s also the possibility that they’re reading with the intent of listing their property themselves – giving you a window to convince them that they do, in fact, need the services of an agent (you!) when they go to list their property. As well, since the readership is mostly going to be your fellow agents, it’s a good chance to get your name out there within professional circles and build upon your existing network.


Architectural Digest

This publication attracts discerning readers looking to get a deeper look into the structure and design of homes. Its pages often contain features on drool-worthy celebrity abodes, and leading-edge interior design tips that the trendiest homebuyers can re-create in their own homes. As such, it’s an excellent place for Realtors® to advertise their services, as it typically attracts a savvy clientele that are taking an active interest in their living situation and its aesthetic capabilities. Agents can capitalize on this desire for change by playing to their audience’s wishes for bigger and better, and a well-placed ad in this magazine can certainly result in tons of leads.


Wealth Management Real Estate

Formerly known as ‘National Real Estate Investor’, this publication and its website are an excellent place to command the attention of wealthy real estate investors and those that do business with them. If your goal as a real estate professional is to work with investors and developers at the highest level, there’s no doubt that this is the magazine for you to advertise in. Its luxury scope and the niche of its readership makes it a worthwhile investment for any Realtor® looking to acquire high-end clients and work in the investment sphere.


These are just a few of the top magazines for your real estate marketing in BC, and there are plenty more worth exploring before you launch a campaign. We can’t definitively say that one of these publications is better than another for your advertising, but rather that they’re all worth a closer-look and analysis in terms of your goals and budget.


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