Real Estate Marketing Meets Canva: Top 5 Must Read Reasons Revealed

Real estate businesses and experts seek to establish a dynamic brand image with their social media and online marketing efforts. But often, despite spending a significant chunk of money on content creation and graphics, they fail to attract their targeted audience and establish a connection with potential clients.

The key to targeting and engaging an enthusiastic audience that actively seeks out your online platforms and social media profiles, and avidly shares your content with their network lies within the art of creating an immersive plethora of graphics.

In order to increase your social media engagement, it is important to flood your audience with attention-grabbing and engaging graphics. These graphics serve the purpose of creating an audience that eagerly seeks out your content, alongside building brand awareness and attracting a much greater audience.

With the advent of Canva, the art of creating attention-grabbing and immersive imagery has become much easier and cost-effective. With a few clicks, you can create unique and distinctive graphics to lure your audience, grab their attention and retain their engagement, alongside enhancing your brand awareness with consistency, quality, and flexibility.

Canva has exhibited a dynamic commitment to flood the industry with a consistent range of professionally designed templates and branded graphics. This graphic designing platform has certainly made the lives of Realtors® much easier by introducing a wide range of eye-popping real estate designs. Allow us to walk you through the advantages that Realtors® and real estate agencies can reap by adopting Canva and its built-in templates. Here’s everything you need to know:


Customizable and Convenient

Canva is brimming with an abundance of attractive graphic designs and marketing templates that can be easily edited. From real estate brochures, marketing content and open-house invitations, to social media posts, hand-outs and much more.

It is your one-stop destination to create eye-popping graphics that connect with your brand identity and resonate with your marketing efforts. These graphics can be shared at any and every social media platform, be it Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.


Reduced Costs

Real estate agencies that continue to hire graphic designers and content creators to create unique content and graphics clearly haven’t stepped into the modern era of online marketing. Canva is a platform that allows you to access built-in templates that eliminate the need for a professional graphic designer. You no longer have to worry about hiring a graphic designer or even freelancers to fulfill your content needs. It will help you considerably reduce your content creation expenses, which can be plowed into your marketing efforts and elsewhere in your organization.


Maintaining Quality

Social media is brimming with an abundance of organizations and brands that started out with a dynamic content and graphics strategy, but with the passage of time, their engagement dimmed down due to lack of quality maintenance. Canva allows you to maintain the quality of your graphics without additional effort and expenses.

Its libraries of marketing templates, social media posts, and brochures, amongst others, are constantly being updated with a wide range of attractive designs. Without putting in a great deal of effort and time, Realtors® and marketers can create a plethora of eye-popping graphics that exude a premium quality appeal. Naturally, such graphics are more likely to be liked and shared by your targeted audience.


Consistency is the Key

Social media marketing efforts are dominated by the surge of consistency. You can only maintain your audience engagement and population if your social media platforms are delivering quality content with consistency. If you lack consistency and deliver content infrequently, you will not be able to reap the advantages that you seek.

Canva eliminates the burden of creating content and graphics and empowers Realtors® and agencies with the ability to maintain consistency. Its built-in templates and well-designed graphics allow individuals to create and deliver consistent content to engage their audience.


Take Control

Realtors® and agencies are often dependent on other professionals, including graphic designers and teams, to deliver content that they can post on their social media platforms and elsewhere. If these professionals create delays and hurdles, the brand’s engagement tends to drop and the marketing efforts experience a downward spiral.

Not anymore! Armed with Canva, you can enjoy much greater control over your marketing and social media content. Other than delays and engagement reductions, Realtors® can easily control the visual appeal and aesthetics of their content as Canva offers an abundance of templates that can be edited and personalized in more ways than one.


At Tiny Tomato Design, we help real estate agents innovate their marketing and social media engagement efforts by designing their marketing content, and then creating it in Canva, making it much easier for them to populate. From direct mail, social media posts, and feature sheets, to listing postcards, sold postcards, marketing brochures and a lot more. We can help you quickly capture and maintain the attention of your targeted audience. As great as the Canva templates are, they are stock and not your brand. Tiny Tomato Designs real estate marketing experts can create your very own custom templates tailored specifically to your brand.


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