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Real Estate Marketing Trends That Will Dominate This Year

Gone are the days when Real estate marketing was solely dependent upon word of mouth for referrals to get more business. The Internet and social media in particular have opened new avenues of marketing for Realtors® around the country. There is fierce competition among Realtors® in any given housing market these days. As a result, it has become essential for them to stay on top of the latest real estate marketing trends in order to catch the attention of potential clients. Here are some of the most important trends that are set to dominate 2021.


More and more Realtors® will use videos

If you are one of those Realtors® who have not embraced videos for marketing, you are missing the boat. However, it is not too late, and you can give a significant boost to your marketing efforts by integrating videos on your website, YouTube, and other social media accounts. Video tours of properties arouse curiosity, resulting in them being liked and shared by clients and bringing organic traffic to the Realtor’s® website. Video testimonials of happy clients are also a great way to catch the attention of visitors on your website. If exciting things are happening in your housing market, making videos about them and posting them to your website and social media is also an excellent marketing tool for your business.  Videos will help you to generate more business and develop more engagement with your visitors.

Realtors® will use videos for marketing not just properties themselves, but the lifestyle that comes with them. It is a way to strike a chord with the emotions and desires of potential buyers. The promise of a trendy and relaxed lifestyle presented through video works wonderfully in the Real Estate industry.


Social media will gain more importance

As it is, social media has gained precedence over Google in many ways, but 2021 will solidify its . It allows Realtors® to interact with their friends and followers, giving them a chance to establish a brand with a unique and approachable identity. Realtors® are using their social media accounts to show how honest and trustworthy they are. They are using their accounts not just to post photos and videos of their listings but also to share useful tips and information about real estate in general. As a Realtor®, you can make reasonable use of your social media accounts to project your personality in front of your friends. You can use your posts to leave your desired impression on them, while encouraging them to engage with your content in a more meaningful manner.

Whether you are organizing open houses or taking part in a charity fundraiser, tell these stories to your followers to show your unique self and build a genuine connection with your audience. The more genuine and helpful you appear, the higher the chances of your glowing reputation spreading to new clients.


Realty websites will gain more prominence

Almost every buyer starts their house hunt online these days. The first websites they visit are popular realty websites like Trulia and Zillow that contain massive numbers of listings other than the MLS. These realty websites will be used more and more by Realtors® to get organic traffic to their sites. Trulia and Zillow have hundreds of millions of active users every month, and you can get many more customers as a Realtor® by marketing your business on these websites. Realtors® that use Zillow and Trulia close twice as many deals as their counterparts who shirk these more modern means of connecting with prospective customers.


Video emails will gain traction this year

Mailing campaigns have always been a valuable marketing tool for Realtors®. This year will see more and more Realtors® making use of this important tool to communicate with their subscribers. Video emails are not only clicked more often, but readers also listen to what the Realtor® is saying more intently than when they are forced to read boring text. Video emails improve the level of engagement, and they also increase the chances of a click on the CTA buttons provided in the mail. Video emails increase replies by 81% and conversions by 68%. These emails also see a massive jump in referrals by 56%.

Of course, it takes more time and effort to create video emails than writing simple text mails, but when they promise so much in terms of conversion and referrals, this is certainly one of the key real estate marketing trends your business should put to use.


Utilize Google My Business page

Google My Business is a free tool offered by Google to businesses to get higher organic traffic to your website. If you have a physical office as a Realtor®, you can expect more queries and customers for your company by only making your profile on the GMB page. It is a fact that most customers search for a Realtor® by their name. If you have a profile on Google, it will be the top result shown by Google whenever someone searches for your business on their browser. The use of GMB will be one of the more prevalent real estate marketing trends seen in the industry this year.


Optimizing website for mobile users

More and more people are conducting searches on their mobile devices, especially on their smartphones these days. The trend has forced Realtors® to optimize their business websites for customers using their mobile phones. If your website is not responsive, prospective clients could end up with your competitors when they are searching for Realtors® in your housing market.  This year will see more and more Realtors® paying attention to the buyers and sellers using their smartphones by making their websites more responsive for those on-the-go. If your website can only be properly viewed on a desktop, you’re losing a massive segment of your potential customer base that primarily uses their mobile device.


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