Out of the box Real Estate Merchandise Ideas

Real Estate Merchandise Ideas that Leave a Lasting Impression

If you have become a real estate agent in anticipation of an attractive income, you must know it is possible only if you can gain popularity and command respect in your area of operation. You need to market your brand aggressively to reach out to your target group of customers. There are many ways of gaining exposure for your company and its services, and a majority of the Realtors® utilize innovative methods such as developing an immersive website, effectively utilizing digital advertising, and promotion through social media platforms. However, it’s important not to neglect the more tried and true avenues of promoting your business. There are many out of the box real estate merchandise ideas that are highly effective and help you in catching the attention of large numbers of potential clients.



Everyone uses umbrellas during the rainy season. You can get umbrellas carrying the name and logo of your realty company and give them away as gifts to your customers. These umbrellas keep reminding the recipients about your business as they are visible by large numbers of people moving on the streets when in use. You can choose a colour or design of your choice to make a lasting impression on those who see this umbrella in public. Don’t forget to feature your contact details prominently to generate leads for your business.



Have you ever thought that something as familiar as a sunscreen bottle can help you in promoting your business? Yes, you can promote a healthy lifestyle and get on the go promotion with the help of sunscreen bottles you give away as gifts to your customers. These bottles carry the name and logo of your company, as well as your contact details. These bottles will promote your company whenever utilized by your customers.


Sticky notes

Sticky notes are mostly used by students to remember valuable lessons, while also being located in most households as a tool to write down to do and to buy things. You can get beautiful sticky notes made for the promotion of your company and give them away as gifts to your visitors and customers. They are very inexpensive marketing tools that remain in the household for a long time to come. Ensure the sticky notes include your name and company logo.


Lip Balm

Lip balm is another small but handy marketing tool for Realtors®. Lip balm is used by most people to soften their lips during the cold winter months. If you can get lip balm bottles with the name of your company and contact details printed over them, they will make a convenient and useful marketing tool for your business. You can give them to your customers and prospective clients who will use the balm on their lips and see your business name and logo.


Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a useful product found in most of the households around the country. People reach for a hand sanitizer whenever they feel lazy to go and wash their hands before eating a meal. You can get bottles of hand sanitizer with the name and logo of your company printed over them by a reputed marketing agency. Give these bottles to your customers as souvenirs and these bottles silently work as a marketing tool for your realty business.



Glassware has long been used to add a touch of elegance to their marketing efforts. Glass lends itself to printing very quickly, and it can be a handy marketing tool for the business of a Realtor®. You can give single glasses or glass sets carrying the name and logo of your company to your customers. They will not use them on the dining table but also catch a glimpse of business details frequently. Glassware is delicate, and it can break easily, but it does your marketing if it remains intact. With the protection and softening of the lips of your customers, you can be sure of being remembered by them whenever they need services rendered by you.



These women’s gloves that keep hands and fingered covered and warm during the winter season can be an excellent marketing tool for your realty business. You can choose the material according to your liking as mittens are available in both types of wool as well as leather fabrics.


Tea towel

As a Realtor®, tea towels are a fantastic way to promote your business as they remain in use for a long time. You can get these tea towels in cotton, linen, or a combination of both fabrics. This is a stellar example of real estate merchandise that actually works as one can never have enough tea towels for their kitchen.



Caps make for beautiful real estate merchandise for Realtors® with the name and logo of the Realtor® printed at the front for everyone to see. You can give caps of your own design to potential clients to remind them of your services whenever they wear it. These caps essentially work like walking billboards as large numbers of people will see them whenever the recipient decides to wear it out in public.


Tape measure

If you are looking for an outside-the-box real estate merchandise idea, use a tape measure as a gift for your customers & prospective clients. A tape measure is used frequently in all households, making them a fantastic and useful marketing gift. As a Realtor®, you can get the name and logo of your company as well as your contact details printed on tape measures you want to gift to your customers.


Single-use water bottles

One real estate merchandise item that helps to promote the business of a Realtor® effectively, especially during an open house, is a single-use water bottle. Imagine welcoming your guests with these bottles that carry the name and logo of your company. Many guests carry these bottles along with them and catch a glimpse of your contact information when drinking water from them.



Balloons are for kids and celebrations, right? No, they can be highly effective marketing tools for a Realtor® also. Fill with air balloons carrying the name and logo of your company at the open houses organized by you. You can also give away packets of these balloons to parents coming to your open houses along with their kids.


Coffee mugs

All households have coffee mugs that are used daily for drinking coffee or hot milk. You can buy customized coffee mugs with the name and logo of your company printed in vibrant colours. You can rest assured of the customer taking a glance at the logo of your business whenever they sip coffee or milk from these coffee mugs.


Carry bags

If you think carrying bags are for retail shop owners and grocery store owners only, think again. You can order carry bags containing the name and logo of your company printed over them and give them to your visitors and prospective clients. These bags help in promoting your business wherever the recipients take them along with them.


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