Real Estate Merchandise people will actually keep

Real Estate Merchandise People Will Actually Keep

Realtors® know that they must work hard continuously to stay in the memory of their prospective clients. Therefore, they resort to all sorts of advertising efforts. It is possible to target most customers with the help of digital advertising. However, Realtors® know the effectiveness of print material in marketing their business. It is possible to establish a brand identity with the help of business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, and banners. But if you are searching for marketing tools that your customers keep and use in their households, here is a list of merchandise that has become popular among Realtors® these days.


Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets have been in vogue for a very long time. These magnets come in different shapes and designs and remain affixed on the surface of the refrigerator for a very long time. As a Realtor®, you can choose magnets that depict essential information to the customer, and this will encourage them to use these magnets in their household.

You can order fridge magnets carrying the name and logo of your company at the top and contact details at the bottom. In between, you can get information printed on the magnet that is useful for the customer. It could be a metric conversion table, yearly calendar with important festivals, emergency numbers like Fire, Ambulance, Police, etc. Many Realtors® give away fridge magnets containing their business cards to their customers.


Bottle opener

Bottle openers are prevalent accessories used in all households. Despite being utilized sparingly, they will be accessible and visible for guests in every home. You can get the name and logo as well as your contact details printed on the bottle openers you give away to your customers. These openers help in creating a positive image of your company in the minds of the customers. More importantly, these small marketing tools are real estate merchandise that your customers will keep in their households for a long time as long as they are working correctly.



Do not underestimate the potential of ordinary marketing tools like a key ring. It has been used by real estate agents since time immemorial to create an excellent impression on their prospective clients. These keyrings come in all shapes and sizes, and you can quickly get the name and logo of your realty company printed on them. You can order a key ring according to your budget and liking. They are available in leather, plastic, and steel. You can rest assured of the customer taking a glance at your business details if they put their car keys in your keyring whenever they insert the keys in the ignition of their car.



If you are looking at real estate merchandise that is kept by the recipients, umbrellas can be a perfect choice for you. Beautiful umbrellas in vibrant colours carrying the business details of your company can easily catch the attention of everyone around your customers whenever they use this accessory to seek shelter from heavy rains or harsh rays of the sun. Customers also take these umbrellas to the beach, where they become moving billboards for the promotion of your realty business. These umbrellas prove to be a fantastic marketing tool for your business if they are working and used by your customers.



Sunscreen is a beneficial product applied by your customers to protect their skin from the UV rays present in the rays of the sun. You can give sunscreen bottles containing the name and logo of your company as gifts to your customers. They will keep this real estate merchandise for a long time until their expiry date. Your customers will develop a positive feeling about your company whenever they use this product. You can choose a bottle that allows you to print the name and logo of your company prominently on its surface.



You must have seen these cute looking women’s gloves with tips of fingers exposed in your home. These gloves are available in wool and leather, and they are very comfortable for a lady during the chilling winter season. Get mittens of your choice with the name of your company printed on their backs.  Give these beautiful mittens to your customers who will keep them in their homes for a long time to come. They will remember your company and your services for as long as ladies in the household use these mittens. Whenever the lady of the house wears these mittens, she sees the name and logo of your company.


Tea towels

Tea towels are small napkins made of cotton or linen used in households as hand towels to wipe dry dishes. You can give them as gifts to your customers where they will be used frequently and work as marketing tools for your realty business. Make sure that you get the name and logo of your company printed beautifully on these tea towels so that your prospective customers can see the name of your company frequently.


Tape measure

You must have seen and even used a tape measure in your home to measure spaces when shifting furniture items and when buying curtains for the windows. It is an accessory that is not used daily but extremely useful. You can order custom tape measures carrying the name and logo of your realty company on it. Prospective clients will look at the name of your company every they pick up this tape measure. Tape measures are a type of real estate merchandise that will be kept in the household of your customer for a very long time.


Coffee mugs

If your area of operation is a housing market, one household accessory that can work as an incredible marketing tool for your business is the innocuous-looking coffee mug. Every household uses coffee mugs to drink hot coffee in the morning. How about giving custom coffee mugs to your prospective customers carrying the name and logo of your company? They will hold these coffee mugs in their hands and notice your business details inadvertently. Coffee mugs are kept by the recipient for a very long time and used until it breaks down. Custom coffee mugs are inexpensive marketing tools that will help in developing a very positive image of your services in the minds of prospective clients.


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