Real Estate Sign Types You Need To Succeed As a Realtor®

Real Estate Sign Types You Need To Succeed As a Realtor®

When we think of real estate transactions, the many signs that accompany them are likely one of the first things that comes to mind. Realtors®  use a variety of real estate sign types to advertise key events, bring broader awareness to their business, and highlight impressive properties they’ve recently sold. What few understand, is the amount of consideration that goes into finding the right type of sign for your business’ unique motives. Different structures serve different purposes within the real estate process, and it’s important to choose the one that best fits the practical requirements of the house or property you’re advertising on/for, and looks the best Here, we’ll discuss a few of the most popular sign types Realtors® use today in order to help you make better use of your business’ signage.


For Sale Signs

No real estate business is complete without attractive, well-designed for sale signs to directly advertise listed properties. For sale signs are extremely important for reaching buyers already interested in the area, as many house-hunters prefer to actually explore the neighbourhoods they’re interested in and will no doubt follow-up if they see a for sale sign on a property. In terms of actual structure, For Sale signs are usually affixed to a plain white post to promote contrast and allow the design of the sign to stand out. A-Frames can be used here as well, but are liable to fall down more easily as they’re not fixed to the ground.

A successful For Sale sign will highlight the agent’s contact details and likely display a high-quality image of their smiling face in order to encourage clients to get in touch. The colours used here are significant, as you want bold graphics that catch viewers’ eyes even from down the block. Working with a team of specialized graphic designers will allow you to translate your business’ existing branding to this format while maintaining its visual appeal.

Open House Sandwich Boards / A-Frames

Another crucial and immediately recognizable sign in every agent’s arsenal is the Open House sign. Open houses are a tried and true strategy of bringing loads of interested buyers together in one place and generating sales from there. In order to maximize their potential though, Realtors® must ensure that their open house is well-advertised and easy to find. Rather than worrying about going out and finding potential visitors, an effectively crafted sandwich board allows real estate agents to sit back and focus on what they do best: selling. Simplicity is key here, and the ideal A-Frame displays information clearly while highlighting the Realtor®‘s branding as well as providing ways for viewers to get in touch to learn more.

Directional Sign

This supplementary real estate sign type is designed to prevent any mix-ups when it comes to guiding viewers to your open house. Often, even with modern map technology and bold signage on the actual property, finding open houses is a difficult task in busy residential neighbourhoods. Directional signs reinforce agents’ branding and information while displaying an arrow meant to steer lost buyers towards your showing. Putting these signs up at important locations nearby ensures that all who are interested actually make it to your open house, and as such are a necessity for any astute Realtor®.

Sign Riders

Used for displaying additional information on top of the typical For Sale sign, sign riders highlight important details you don’t want to let go unnoticed in a larger format sign. Typically a single thin strip mounted on sign posts, these crucial signage accessories are key for savvy agents. They are often used to display a phone number or website in crisp, clear detail, ensuring that passers-by take notice of your information without having to search for it.

Condo Signs

Condos require specific signage that best fits the practical concerns of the property. Often without a yard to put signage up in, condos need smaller signs that can be placed on a variety of surfaces, while still highlighting important details about the property and the agent.


Looking for more creative sign ideas? Click here to get in touch and start building your next signage campaign today.

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