Save time and money with Sendoutcards

Save Time and Money with Sendoutcards

As a Realtor®, you know the importance of building and sustaining relationships with your customers. One good way of reminding your customers how much you care for them is to send them greeting cards on important days of their lives. If you have a long list of existing and potential clients, it becomes difficult to not only remember their birthdays and anniversaries but also to send greeting cards to these customers in a timely fashion. Thankfully, there is a system that allows you to do this tedious job easily with just a few clicks on your computer. Yes, sendoutcards is a system that automates card sending for Realtors® so that customers receive greetings on time on important days of their lives.

If your desire as a Realtor® is to attract more referrals from your customers, there is no better way than to keep them in good humor. Just imagine how good you would feel about a person when you send you greetings on your birthday or anniversary without fail. By using sendoutcards, you can be reasonably sure that your past clients will remember your service whenever they are planning to move or desirous of selling their home.

Sendoutcards has an app that allows you to create custom greeting cards for your clients. You can create this greeting card containing a photo of the client in front of the home that you helped the person purchase. You can do this right out of your own smartphone by simply downloading and using the app of sendoutcards. Your custom-created card will be printed, stamped, and sent at the address of your customer by sendoutcards. All that you must do to avail this service is to join sendoutcards and buy their subscription.


Reach out to FSBOs with sendoutcards.

If you are a Realtor®, you know that nearly 75% of the homeowners who try to sell their homes as FSBO are unable to achieve their objectives.  Their listing expires and they are forced to take help of a Realtor®. If this is the case, then why not be that Realtor® and grab the opportunity yourself? Once you have their contact details, begin with a personalized card with the image of their unsold home at the front and your own offer with the help of sendoutcards. Be prepared to send many follow up cards before these FSBO customers respond to your offer.

Remember, FSBO, especially those who have failed to sell their homes, are waiting for someone who can help sell their homes. Offer them your help through greeting cards from sendoutcards.


Get referrals business with sendoutcards.

You have a long list of existing customers. You know that these people are loyal customers and they will remember you whenever they need to buy or sell a property. But you can get referrals from these customers by just sending them greeting cards on birthdays and anniversaries. Sendoutcards can help you in this endeavor.

Just add the name of the customer in your database with sendoutcards. Of course, you have to add their birthdays and anniversaries and the rest is done by sendoutcards. Just create custom greeting cards and sendoutcards will send personalized greeting cards to your customers on their important days of the year. These customers will feel good when they receive personalized greeting cards from you and feel obliged to mention your name and service to any of their friend who is about to sell or buy a property.


Use sendoutcards to send holiday greeting cards.

There is no need to limit yourself to birthdays and anniversaries of your clients to send them personalized greeting cards with the help of sendoutcards.  There are lots of holidays every year so there is no need to wait till Christmas to send greetings to your customers. The 4th of July can be a wonderful day to reach out to your existing and potential clients with the help of sendoutcards.


Keep in touch and congratulate on important milestones.

All you need is an excuse to send a greeting card to anyone in your mailing list. If there is no birthday or holiday approaching in the near future, you can still send a greeting card if you are keeping track of the life of your customers. Do not forget to send a personalized greeting card to your customer with the help of sendoutcards whatever the reason to be happy.


Remember that all people love to feel special. They absolutely love it when they are congratulated by someone for any of their achievement. You can develop positive feelings about your company by sending customized greeting cards to your customers. Become a member of sendoutcards and automate the process of sending greeting cards to your customers today.


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