The Art of the Real Estate CTA (Call To Action)

The Subtle Art of the Real Estate CTA (Call To Action)

All business owners who operate websites seek to capture the attention of a broad audience of potential customers and persuade them towards investing in their products and services. A simple but effective strategy that ensures a higher rate of visitors to your site is to give your customers a call to action. An effective real estate CTA details exactly what it is you want potential clients to do once they are on your website.

Whether you want visitors to sign up for your newsletters or call you to receive personalized answers to their questions, a direct and effective CTA is the best way to convert visitors into leads or even clients.

The vast majority of visitors to your website are simply browsing and are often reluctant to take any direct action without being directly spurred into it. Even if they are interested and would like to learn more, they’re unlikely to take the next step unless your site contains a clear and inviting reason and means by which to contact you. CTA buttons are designed to catch the attention of the viewer and thus are often brightly coloured or otherwise designed to stand out on the page. Their primary purpose is to provide a simple way for the reader to get in touch with the Realtor®, so whether they lead to a quick form or simply to your business’ Contact page, their sole mission is to address reasons a potential client may want to reach you and how they can do so.

Before plastering broad Calls to Action across your business website, it’s important to make sense of their purpose for your individual needs. Using statistics and general knowledge of your clientele and housing market, you can effectively yet sparingly use CTA buttons on your website to target your audience’s most pressing needs, increasingly the likelihood of a positive response.

CTA buttons are implicitly designed to simplify the client’s browsing experience, a fact many Realtors® forget in their pursuit of increased pageviews and the generation of new leads. If your CTA button leads to a seemingly never-ending loop of forms, phone numbers, quizzes, documents, etc., the viewer will quickly grow bored regardless of how eye-catching the button that got them there was. It’s crucial to keep in mind that even the most beautifully designed CTA buttons cannot solely compel an individual to spend hours on your site, no matter how interested they are in what the Realtor® has to say. If your competitor is offering similar value in return for less clicks, you’ve already lost the battle.

Many Realtors® utilize CTA buttons to assess the value of homes of customers’ homes. Though the information required to adequately assess a property is often complex and hard to produce, clients appreciate succinct forms that allow them to submit vital information to a qualified individual with ease, rather than spending hours on the phone or taking the time to write an email containing the same information. Providing accessible means to engage with a client is a service to both of you, as assessments can lead to direct action on the part of the client if they like the numbers they’re seeing. At the very least, they put the Realtor® in a good light as they’re using their expertise to provide a service to the client free of charge, something that will never go unappreciated.

Think of your own browsing experiences. Have you ever clicked on a CTA button on a website? Why? Was it in the hopes of getting something of value in return from the business? Or was it because you already liked the company and were ready to take action? Whatever your reasons, there’s likely been plenty of businesses that have earned your response, whether you know it or not. Whether or not it’s offering something concrete, or simply providing a convenient outlet for your thoughts or any queries regarding the business, an effective Call to Action is integral for your brand’s digital marketing strategy as it fosters engagement and initiates action.

Many Realtors® incorrectly believe that they need something of value to offer in return for asking visitors to click on their CTA buttons. Visitors do sometimes click on CTA buttons in anticipation of a gift, but the majority of the time, they are looking for information that will ultimately help them to make a transaction.

You can be reasonably sure about your visitors following your website’s Call to Action if you are offering them something of value that they will not get elsewhere.


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