The Best Paper Stock For Printing Your Real Estate Advertising In 2022

The Best Paper Stock For Printing Your Real Estate Advertising In 2022

We’ve discussed elsewhere the importance of choosing the right print finish for your marketing materials (you can read more on that here), but did you know that the paper stock you choose to print your real estate advertising on contributes just as much to its final look and feel? I know what you’re thinking. There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re considering printing your own advertising, and this just adds another layer to an already complicated endeavour.

With that being said though, these little decisions are crucial for crafting professional-looking print marketing, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, it’s better (and cheaper!) to spend more the first time rather than wasting your money doing the same task over and over again. So, in the hopes of simplifying your printing experience, we’ve put together a list of the most popular paper stock types for real estate advertising.


1. Gloss Coated Stock

Gloss coated stock is applied with a finish that makes it appear glossy and produces a visible shine when held up to the light. While this makes it a superb option for printing high-quality photos on, the silky appearance can make it harder to read text. Our advice? Use this paper stock for any real estate advertising that requires bold visuals but not too much copy. Save this paper stock for things like displaying listings and open houses, rather than text-heavy documents such as brochures and flyers.


2. Dull Coated Stock

This is an excellent option as it offers some of the gloss of traditional coated stock but with a slightly more matte finish that allows for text to be legible. At the same time, while it may not make vivid images pop quite as much, it still does a great job of representing them and won’t blind your viewers when held up to the light. Tactile appeal is also key in print marketing, and dull coated stock is great for satisfying this. Its smooth, slightly silky texture is a wonder to be hold and feels expensive – while it can actually be quite affordable to print on.


3. Linen Stock

This elegant paper stock is great for giving a high-end appearance to some specialized materials. While it won’t be suitable for things like brochures or flyers that Realtors® are frequently in need of, it’s great for some niche items like invitations to a fancy event or, for the agent really looking to stand out, business cards. Linen stock is, like its namesake, slightly course with an almost grainy feel but lends an excellent bit of visual and tactile texture to the right print material.


4. Soft Touch

While technically a print finish, this is often something that printers will ask about when you go to get a job done. As the name suggests, this coating adds a luxurious feel to even the most mundane print materials. It can’t be overstated the effect touch has on creating the perfect print marketing, and adding a soft touch finish to whatever paper stock you choose is one great way to ensure that all of your advertising is memorable.


So there you have it. 3 paper stocks (and one finish!) that are worth considering when choosing what to print your next real estate advertising material on this year. While there are paper stocks better suited to individual jobs, if we had to choose just ONE paper stock that will define print marketing this year, it would be dull coated stock. As real estate marketing, and marketing as a whole, shift towards an emphasis on subtle elegance and high-quality visuals, this stock stands out as the best option for displaying important messages without distracting or being overly flashy.


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