The BEST Public Transport Mediums For Real Estate Advertising

The BEST Public Transport Mediums For Real Estate Advertising

We often see the faces of our fellow Realtors® on everything from bus benches, bus shelters and even buses themselves – but does this method of advertising actually work? Does it generate leads? Is it cost-effective? Yes, yes, and yes! So long as you choose the right medium, that is. In a competitive field like real estate, simply being SEEN before your competitors is often enough to run laps around them in terms of potential lead generation. In that sense, public transport is essential for real estate advertising as it puts you front and center in places where your target audience can’t help but look.

Public transport marketing is key for real estate professionals looking to cement themselves as a presence in their local area. Once you’ve taken the time to build a visually stunning brand, it’s time to display it everywhere you can. Public transport advertising is a sort of status symbol and does wonders for your professional image. While it may lead to an influx of phone calls right off the bat, the true power of public transport advertising is in its longevity. Once you’ve established yourself as a household name in the minds of your target demographic, you’re able to start passively earning leads without lifting a finger. Here’s a quick guide to the top public transport mediums agents are advertising their real estate businesses with.


Bus Benches

This has long been a favourite of Realtors® looking to increase brand recognition through their advertising, and for good reason. While outdoor advertising is never cheap, advertising on bus benches generally comes in at the lower end of the spectrum, though prices do go up for higher traffic areas in busier markets. For example, Purchasing bus stop advertising at the heart of Downtown Vancouver will cost a pretty penny, whereas advertising in a surrounding area may be a bit more affordable. Agents need to consider WHO they’re trying to reach through their marketing, which requires a deep understanding of your clientele and the areas you most frequently serve. If you’re regularly dealing with luxury penthouses, you’ll need a suitably prestigious spot to advertise your business if you really want to wow potential clients.


Bus Shelters

If you can fit it into your marketing budget, advertising on bus shelters is an excellent way to build brand recognition as it’s immediately visible from all angles and is generally reserved for only the most elite businesses. Here, Realtors® can catch both passers-by and those stopping to wait for the bus as your advertising will face both towards the street and towards the bench. While you may lose some visibility from traffic on the street, this is still a great option for most agents as it is still generally affordable and earns great results.


Bus Exteriors

Advertising on bus exteriors is a wonderful way to grow exposure for your business, as you’re essentially purchasing a billboard on wheels that can be seen from nearly every part of your housing market. Prices vary greatly depending on placement and market, but real estate professionals should be ready to spend accordingly, especially if they plan on maintaining a prolonged campaign. Realtors® have the option to choose between “king”, which occupies nearly one entire side of a vehicle, “queen”, which takes up a portion of that side, “tail”, which gives you access to about half of the bus’ rear, as well as a variety of other options including the ultimate “full wrap”, which makes an entire transit vehicle a blank canvas for your advertising.

As with any advertising expenditure, it’s always best to consider your unique goals and budget before spending on bus exterior advertising. As we mentioned above, luxury agents will need to shell out a bit more to have an impact on their target customers, while most agents will benefit greatly from a simple but effective tail advertisement. Ultimately, any visibility is great for your business and there’s really no way to go wrong so long as your branding is on point.



In areas that have rapid transit systems, this is another great option for Realtors® seeking mass visibility for their business. In most larger cities, rapid transit is used by millions each month, so even a brief campaign can yield insane dividends. Of course, this comes at a cost and agents need to really have a grasp on their goals and planned spending before embarking on a rapid transit advertising campaign. To make the most of your advertising, you’ll need an eye-catching brand that can grab passengers’ attention even at a quick glance.



While services like Uber may have taken some of the prestige away from traditional taxi services, this doesn’t mean they’re not still a great place to advertise. Significantly cheaper than the means listed above, Advertising on the tops of taxis and other passenger vehicles is a great way to give yourself easy access to an entire geographic area. As with any of the mediums listed here, planning is everything. Think about your market and what you plan to accomplish through your marketing, and you’ll find great success with this avenue.


Looking for help advertising your real estate business on public transport? Click here to get in touch with us today and start building a brand or marketing campaign that works for YOUR business.

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