The importance of a Custom Designed Email Signatures

The Importance of Custom Designed Email Signatures

If you are like any other individual, it is natural for you to seek authenticity by examining the signature of the sender at the end of an email. It is this email signature that authenticates the email and tells you that it is genuine. As a Realtor®, these email signatures provide you with a remarkable way of verifying your emails. If the recipient does not see your digital email signature at the end of the email, it does not have the same impact on them, then when it does. Your email signature at the end not only gives your realty business a more professional appeal but also gives them a reason to believe your company and its logo are genuine and trustworthy.


What difference does your signature make to your message?

Inserting an attractive and professional-looking email signature to your emails has become extremely important amongst Realtors® these days. Studies have shown that recipients take messages more seriously and find the company genuine and professional when they have their email signed off at the end by the owner or employee of the company.

  • It helps in creating brand awareness about your company and its logo
  • It gives a more professional look to your company
  • It makes the message more attractive to the recipients
  • It encourages them to take you seriously and contact you if needed
  • It encourages recipients to visit your social media accounts
  • Your signatures reflect your personality in front of potential and existing clients
  • It helps in establishing you as a friendly, courteous and polite Realtor®


Email signatures represent your band and legitimize the message

Realtors® spend so much money and effort on the branding of their business but then don’t utilize or saturate their market with it. Email signatures display and represent your brand without any effort and without spending money. Your signature at the end of your email reinforces you and your company’s brand. These email signatures give weight and legitimacy to your emails. You can see them as stapling your business card at the end of the message so that the message is taken seriously by the recipients.


It screams, ‘Look at Me.’

You send important messages to your current/potential clients and hope they are taken seriously by them. You cannot be there when your recipients open the email, but you can use the fantastic marketing tool of your email signature to be virtually present and convince your readers. Your signature at the end of your email forces the reader to look at it and be confident about the authenticity of your email while spreading brand awareness.


A smart way of marketing your services

There was a time not so long ago when most Realtors® were looking at adjectives and other words to sign off their emails to their subscribers. These included Regards, Thanks, Truthfully, Sincerely, and similar other words that sounded hollow and meaningless to recipients. In contrast, a custom-designed electronic signature at the end of your email delivers serious attention from the recipients that aren’t possible with other words. Creating an electronic email signature is a fun process that doesn’t cost much money to a Realtor®. But it is indeed a brilliant and effective way of marketing the business of a Realtor®.


It promotes higher traffic to your website and social media accounts

When your email does not contain an electronic email signature, the recipient, even when they are interested in the message, may not follow up. It looks spammy, and they need to search for your company by typing it into Google. However, this work can quickly be done by your email signature as it contains the URL of your business website. All they need to do is to click!

Similarly, modern-day electronic email signatures also include social media buttons that allow the recipients to visit the social media accounts of the Realtor® easily. Following this will generate a lot of traffic to your social media accounts by including electronic email signatures in the emails you send to your current and potential clients. You can earn many new friends and followers by doing this.

If you are doing content marketing to increase visitors to your blog, you can make use of electronic email signatures by including links of content written by you in them. You will find page views of the article going up without any effort as your subscribers visit with the help of the links given from the electronic email signatures.


Email Signature


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